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House Votes Against Flag Burning, Again

mobiustrip44 writes: "Once again, the dinkuses on Capitol Hill have wasted precious time and tax dollars to debate the issue of flag desecration, and once again, for the fourth time in six years, the House has voted "yes" in favor of a Constitutional amendment to ban flag burning. H.J.RES.36 passed with flying colors with 298 votes in favor to 125 against. The amendment, sponsored by Reps. Randy "Duke" Cunningham, R-Calif., and John Murtha, D-Pa., states simply: "Congress shall have power to prohibit the physical desecration of the flag of the United States." Some call this an act of Congressional masturbation, citing the fact that, the last two times this amendment made it to the Senate they came short (no pun intended) of passing it. However, last time it missed by only 4 votes. Get your Zippos ready folks--looks like we're nearing a day of protest."