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Plan Made for February Leonard Peltier Support Actions




Commemorate February 6th by enlisting your friends, family, and communities around "Until Freedom Is Won, the Campaign for Truth and Justice!" Hold events or facilitate activities that will spread awareness about the new strategies, while galvanizing active support. Here are some ideas which have worked well in the past:


Invite friends, family, local organizations, fellow supporters, and
potential supporters to a potluck and planning meeting. Discuss the case and the new strategies and plan outreach, fundraising and mobilization efforts for the months to come. If a hearing is granted for the Motion to Reduce Sentence, it could be scheduled as early as this spring or summer. If granted, it will be held in Fargo North Dakota. Hearings in both the Civil Rights case and the FOIA case could be scheduled as early as Fall of 2002. Those hearings will occur in Washington, DC. Preparing on a local level to support these cases might include:

+Planning fundraisers

+Planning to send delegates from your group to hearings

+Planning outreach efforts, such as regular leafleting in a public place, video showings, or talks.

+Visiting local churches, labor unions, civil and human rights organizations to ask for endorsements, participation and support.


Hold a vigil on or around February 6. Invite local organizations, church members, tribal members, and general public to attend. Alert the media and announce the new strategies at the vigil. Inform attendees of ways to get involved on a local level.


Hold a benefit concert with local bands, a poetry reading, or Indian taco or bake sales to raise funds for the LPDC. Use the fundraiser to distribute information and announce the new strategies.


If you are not in a position to coordinate an event on February 6, consider leafleting in a busy area to generate more awareness. Hand out the informational brochure available on our web site, and ask those who show interest to subscribe to our e-mail list serve or newspaper. Click here to download the brochure: http://www.freepeltier.org/download_outreach.htm#t op

Sponsor an LPDC speaker

Organize a speaking engagement for a member of the LPDC Speakers Bureau.

Click here to find out how:


Be creative!

Let us know what your ideas and plans are for generating support for Leonard Peltier. Use your experience and talent to raise awareness, funds, and active support.

Additional suggestion:

Please take up collections to support the new campaign at any function you may orchestrate. Feel free to download the fund drive brochure from our web site, which explains what our funding needs consist of. The LPDC desperately needs finances to support the work of the legal team, and to mobilize a major support effort. We are currently prevented from doing all that needs to be done to support lack of funds.

Please notify us if you will be sponsoring an event or activity on February 6 so that we can help you publicize it. Your ideas may also inspire others to take action. Thank you for your dedication and support.

In Solidarity


Until Freedom Is Won!

The New Peltier Justice Campaign

Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

PO Box 583

Lawrence, KS 66044



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