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Protest Planned Against New NYC Power Plant

Trans Gas Energy is planning to build one of the largest power plants in New York City on the Williamsburgh, Brooklyn waterfront at North 12th St. This plant would spew hundreds of tons of sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, formaldehyde and other toxic pollutants into the air each year.

There are already 5 existing or permitted power plants along a 1 1/2 mile
stretch of the North Brooklyn waterfront, and 97 facilities with air pollution permits within one mile of the TGE power plant site, contributing thousands of tons of toxic emissions into the air each year.

With all this, it is no surprise that Williamsburg already has childhood asthma hospitalization rates among the highest in the United States!

The site for this plant is 2 1/2 blocks from McCarren Park, and 2 blocks from the waterfront park which the North Brooklyn community has fought so hard to bring to reality. There are homes directly across the street from the site.

The heat from this plant will defoliate neighboring trees and the noise
levels will destroy the beauty of the precious waterfront, while a toxic plume from its 4 multi-story smokestacks will poison the air for miles, not to mention the safety concerns brought about by the storage tanks of urea
and ammonia, and the trucks which will deliver it through the neighborhood streets.

Trans Gas Energy has filed their pre-application in a licensing process
required by a law known as Article X (ten). The Public Service Commission,
the state body administering the licensing process, is holding this
educational forum about Article X. This is the time for the community to
question the fairness of the Article X process and demand that the Public
Service Commission REJECT the TGE proposal!

Voice your opposition!

Thursday Dec 13, 7-9pm

Polish National Home

261 Driggs Avenue at Eckford

Bring your neighbors! Children welcome!