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New Issue of the The Commoner Released

New Issue of The Commoner Released

The Commoner N.12 - spring/summer 2007

Value strata, migration and “other  values”  

This issue proposes some lines of enquiry around three interrelated themes: the migratory flows of people in today global factory, the dynamics and hierarchies underpinning the production of value for capital, and the production of values other than those for capital. The search for the connection among these themes is what allows us to weave together these papers so much different in style and subject matter.Massimo De Angelis.  Introduction

Devi Sacchetto. Offshore Outsourcing and Migrations: the South-Eastern and Central Eastern European Case

Massimiliano Tomba. Differentials of Surplus-Value in the contemporary forms of exploitation

Ferruccio Gambino.  A critique of Fordism and the Regulation School

Siliva Federici and George Caffentzis. Notes of the edu-factory and cognitive capitalism

Massimo De Angelis. Measure, excess and translation: some notes on “cognitive capitalism"

Patrick Cuninghame. Reinventing an/other anti-capitalism in Mexico: The Six Declaration of the EZLN and the "Other Campaign"

Mariarosa Dalla Costa. Reruralizing the World.

Mariarosa Dalla Costa. Two Baskets for Change

Mariarosa Dalla Costa. Food as Common and Community