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New York News and Letters, "Uprooting the Capitalist Law of Value"

"Uprooting the Capitalist Law of Value"

New York News and Letters

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Presentation by Andrew Kliman on a 1948 essay by Raya Dunayevskaya, published in 2 parts in the April-May & June-July issues of News & Letters newspaper and on the website. In it she takes up the Soviet Union’s 1943 theoretical justification for state-capitalism—the assertion that the law of value still operates under socialism. From the essay:

“The break with the structure of Marx's CAPITAL lays the theoretical groundwork for a complete revision of Marxist economic theory, but the new edifice still remains to be constructed. It is no simple matter to extend the operation of the law of value to a "socialist" society. So solid was the structure Marx had built to prove the opposite that no one--not even the all-powerful Politburo of the Russian Communist Party--could merely circumvent what Marx called his major original contribution: the analysis of the twofold character of labor.”

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