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Women and biotechnologies: scientific and feminist approaches conference

Women and biotechnologies: scientific and feminist approaches

International Conference

21-23 of June

Aula Convegni CNR

Piazzale Aldo Moro 7

Rome, Italy

The term "biotechnology" refers to the use of living organisms or their
products to modify human health and the human environment. Biotechnology
represents a frontier area in scientific development and its importance
goes from ethical to environmental and economic issues as is re-designing
the possibilities of transforming life.
The aim of the Wonbit conference is to promote an interdisciplinary and
wide debate among feminisms and science.

We've defined four areas of discussion:
-Women scientists in biotechnological research
-Bodies, cultures and scientific metaphors
-Environmental effects of biotechnologies
-Facing impact: society and biotechnologiesKeynote speakers are: Judit Acsady, Amalia Bosia, Elena Cattaneo, Sylvie
Coyaud, Giovanna di Chiro, Barbara Duden, Sarah Franklin, Elena
Gagliasso, Wendy Harcourt, Nancy Hawkins, Maria Julia Oliva, Teresa Rees,
Quanmar Rahman, Elettra Ronchi, Silja Samerski, Suman Sahai, Marsha Tyson

Scientific committee: Laura Balbo, Heidi Diggelmann, Francesca Molfino,
Annamaria Simonazzi, Gillian Youngs, Flavia Zucco.

The conference has no fee, registration can be made at

Organization: Barbara Leda Kenny info@wonbit.net , tel +39 06 44249625,

fax +39 06 44249665