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Incendio, New Bilingual Anarchist Journal Focused on Latin America


New Bilingual Anarchist Journal Focused on Latin America

Incendio is...

An endeavor that some of us have taken up to increase communication with
anarchists in Latin America, network, learn from their struggles,
illuminate opportunities for solidarity actions, provide a forum for Latin
American anarchists to share ideas and analysis, break down the language
barrier, and make support efforts more possible.Table of Contents for issue 1:


Venezuela: ASF (alternative social forum)

U.S. eco-resistance: arrests and repression


Disarmo #11

Aullidos Nocturnos #3


Mexico (Sonora): the border at risk

Cuba: another Cuba is possible

Bolivia: Insurrection in Bolivia

Chile: The Unconquered Mapuche

Strangers Everywhere

Them or us

The PDF is available on-line for free and we prefer people print-off and
reproduce their own copies, because we don't have a lot of money to spend
on postage. That said we are interested in getting the word out about our
project and will be happy to mail free copies out for the following

1) Reviews: We will send out a free copy of Incendio for review to
publications upon request.

2) Infoshops, Bookstores, and Distributors can also request a free copy to
consider for distribution.

Lots of help is needed with distribution, publicity, making contact with
people in Latin America, submissions, financial contributions (as always),
among many other activities that we need help with. See the website for
more info. about this project and how you can help.

Colectivo Incendio

POB 993

Santa Cruz, CA. 95061