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“The Warrior Wind” Newsletter

Anonymous Comrade writes:

“The Warrior Wind” Newsletter

The long-overdue third issue of “The Warrior Wind,” a newsletter against our society of confinement, is out now. This issue features a new half-page format and an increased page count. It is available as a.pdf file from the following locations:

Version for reading online: http://www.socialwar.net/.pdf%20files/warriorwind3 .pdf
Version for printing out and photocopy distribution: http://www.socialwar.net/.pdf%20files/warriorwind3 print.pdf

These files will eventually also be hosted at Impassioned Insurrection—www.impassionedinsurrection.info. Please feel free to add the files to your own site, too.

The mid-May newsletter’s 28 pages include: “Operation Backfire: Guilty Justice,” a lengthy article providing updates and analysis on the federal eco-sabotage cases in Oregon and Washington; an update on Auburn arrestee Eric McDavid plus a statement from Sacramento Prisoner Support concerning informant Zachary Jenson; an overview of the “San Francisco Eight” case of former Black Panthers facing murder charges based on torture-extracted confessions; an update on critical hearings for death row journalist and political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal; other US news shorts relating to Jeff “Free” Luers, the SHAC 7 and others; updates and documents concerning repression in the U.K., Germany, Italy and Belgium; information about “The Warrior Wind” newsletter project itself; and finally an announcement for the June 9 Day of Solidarity with Jeff “Free” Luers.

We continue to encourage participation in this publishing project, not only through making copies and circulating the newsletter, but also by offering us your feedback and writing for future issues.

As repression increases, we believe that it has become more, not less, important for radicals to raise their voices. “The Warrior Wind” newsletter is one small gesture towards broader efforts of resistance, solidarity, and refusal against a shoddy world system.

For a better world,
TWW Editors