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NYC IWW Internship

New York City IWW Internship Description

Position: Union Organizer

What is The New York City IWW?

The New York City IWW is one of many rejuvenated
branches of the Industrial Workers of the World. The IWW is a grassroots union that places
emphasis on union democracy and direct action. In
NYC we are currently organizing in sectors of the
economy where few unions are daring to go.

The IWW is forging new ground among retail workers.
Under the principles of solidarity unionism we are
organizing workers at Starbucks. Through direct
action we have been able to raise wages, get
consistent schedules, receive guaranteed hours and
address individual grievances. As Starbucks attempts
to silence workers by firing organizers our union
continues to grow.

In Brooklyn the IWW in conjunction with Make the Road
by Walking is currently organizing among undocumented
warehouse workers. Workers who have been receiving
less than the minimum wage are standing up for better
conditions. Although employers have put fierce
opposition towards the union we have made several
gains and are currently in negotiations.Internship Opportunity:

• Impact the working lives of some of the most
disenfranchised workers in NYC

• Learn critical organizing and advocacy skills in a
hands-on setting

• Lay the foundation for a career in social change

Interns will participate in one or more the following

• Grassroots organizing among undocumented workers,
retail and restaurant workers

• Coalition building among grassroots worker
organizations in NYC

• Media strategy and deployment

• Fundraising

Time Commitment: Minimum of eight hours per week.

Skills Required: Commitment to social change and
workers' rights. No prior organizing experience
required. Spanish-speaking skills preferred.

Course Credit: The internship is unpaid but we will
work with you to obtain course credit.

What is the Industrial Workers of the World?:

Founded in 1905, the Industrial Workers of the World
(IWW) is the first union in the United States to
organize without discriminating based on race, gender,
religion, ethnicity, or level of skill. The IWW
utilizes innovative organizing models to address
exploitative conditions in a variety of industries.

To Apply:

Send a resume or statement of interest to NYC IWW
branch secretary Tomer Malchi at tomer.iww@gmail.com.
Deadline for Fall '06 internships is September 30.