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"Her Voice, Her View" Film Festival, New York City, July 15-29, 2006

Kristina Hallez writes:

"Her Voice, Her View" Film Festival
New York City, July 15–29, 2006

"Her Voice, Her View" Film Festival, a part of the Pioneer Theater’s Female Film celebration, makes us happy to say, "It’s that time of the month!"

Featuring over 40 films by and about women, "Her Voice, Her View" includes a variety of styles and subjects. "The Shape of Water" reveals an intimate encounter with five very different women in Brazil, India, Jerusalem and Senegal, narrated by Susan Sarandon. Black women and men unveil the reality of sexual violence and healing in African-American communities in the feature-length documentary "NO!" directed by Aishah Shahidah Simmons. In "Left Lane" folk-poet Alix Olsen's life on the road is chronicled as she searches for independent thought, grassroots defiance, and passionate connection in between spoken-word performances.

Abortion, hip-hop, religion and spirituality, motherhood, peace, death, responsibility, national politics, gender identity, representation, and resistance are just a handful of what is to come in this amazing film festival. Every person who attends will receive a goody bag filled with items generously supplied by our sponsors. For more information and screening schedule, go to http://www.altarmagazine.com and click on "Her Voice, Her View" film festival.

Pioneer Theater, 155 East 3rd Street at Avenue A, NYC
tickets: $9 general, $6.50 student, seniors