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Attention:Hello, I DO NOT OWN A COMPUTER

    First and Foremost, I'd like to briefly introduce myself: I don't have my own computer and can afford only an occasional presence in this world. That is to say , this cyber-world. This virtualy reality. I'm not too savvy with the internet-way of life, I must admit. I can type pretty well, and I know how to put in a couple of HTML codes here and there ,-whatever else I know about the net doesn't stray too far from that. But the clock is ticking and the choice to choose is now. And what better to link up with InterActivist? I will repeat, I'm not too savvy with how this whole thing works, how information is exchanged, how threads are started, how views are voiced, etc.etc. I 'm just glad to know that there's a place that I can do what I want the way I want it done. And perhaps that's why I joined. To see that it "isn't only me" with my own eyes, so to speak. I hope I don't sound hopeful. Speaking of, I hope to get better acquainted with IA and its innerworkings. I've started a few blogs/journals in the past only to forget about them soon after because I didn't really commit to them, too confused by them and didn't really get the kind of impression that I get from here. Hmm....well, anyway. Here I am. I am here. And so is the revolution!.