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Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army Training in Brighton UK

Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army Training in Brighton

The next Basic Rebel Clown Training will be held over the weekend of
June 24th and 25th in Brighton on the south coast of England. The address and
all other details will be supplied upon registration.

What is it?

A two day intensive training in becoming a Trickster, Fool, Rebel Clown
and Open Hearted Idiot.

A few things you should know about the trainings -

- The training is for adults (16+)

- We are sorry that we are currently unable to offer child care.

- There is no charge to the candidates for the training.

- You should bring - Clothes you can move in. Lots of water. Food to share and
an open heart.

- You are expected to attend both days.

- You will not be asked to do anything you feel unable to do, but you should be
prepared to push yourself from where you feel comfortable.

Rebel Clowning Trainings

Like all armies, people who wish to join the ranks of CIRCA have to undergo
training. Before going into baffle with CIRCA, recruits take part an intensive
"big shoe camp" where they learn Basic Rebel Clown Training (BRCT). At the end
of the BRCT you will be capable of taking on any CIRCA mission but will be
advised that further training is necessary as learning to be truly stupid and
discovering our clown is a longer process. Becoming a clownbattant can be
challenging, but it's a rewarding life.

The training will involve games and exercises which develop a spirit of
subversive play, help us work efficiently as a group, become more
spontaneous in life and during actions, and begin the process of finding
the clown that resides in all of us.

There are five phases of BRCT:

* Finding the Inner Clown

* Subversive Play

* Civil Disobedience and Direct Action

* Buffoon Manoeuvres

* Marching and Drilling

If you are Brighton-based and can accomodate rebel clown trainers or trainees
coming from afar, please let us know! Prospective clowns come from all around
to take part in the training, and we hope to be able to find beds for all for 1
or 2 nights.

Please email training@rebelclown.net to register or for more information...
Places are very limited...We look forward to hearing from you 8-)