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29 Protesters Still Jailed Following SOA Protest

Columbus, GA - Twenty-nine committed citizens from across the United States are currently in their third day of incarceration in the Muscogee County Jail in Columbus, GA. They are fasting and refuse to disclose their names since their arrest on Sunday, November 18. The group was part of last weekend's protest actions to call attention to the School of the Americas (SOA). A Global Village, made out of wood, paint and cardboard was erected on Sunday evening directly in front of the gates of the US Army base Fort Benning, GA - home of the SOA.

The SOA is a military training school for soldiers from Latin America and has been linked to hundreds of crimes and human rights atrocities throughout the Western Hemisphere. Graduates of the school have been involved in torture, massacres and military coups. (for more information check www.soaw.org)

The Global Village, which included a mosque, a shrine, a church and a school for peace and democracy stood in fundamental opposition to the SOA and everything it embodies.

After 5 hours of solidarity, community, friendship and peace, armed police squads in riot gear moved in, handcuffed, and dragged the villagers into a police bus. Fort Benning soldiers in fatigue uniforms moved in and destroyed the village as well as the memorial for victims of SOA violence in which the fence of the military base had been transformed throughout the day. (for more information and pictures check www.atlanta.indymedia.org)

The group of twenty-nine is engaging in Jail/Court Solidarity to challenge the injustice that nonviolent citizens are getting punished while those responsible for torture, rape and murder are going free. Jail/Court Solidarity is combining non-cooperation techniques and collective bargaining. (for more information check www.lawcollective.org)

While all of the women are together in one big group, two men have been singled out from the group of the male prisoners. The prisoners are asking supporters on the outside to call the jail to demand the return of the two males to the group. (Muscogee County Jail, Major Terry Ezell: 706-653-4258, Sheriff Ralf Johnson: 706-653-4225)