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Creative Resisting In Tampere Finland May 19-21

Creative Resisting In Tampere

Fri - Sun 19-21 May 2006

An evening with 'MY DADS STRIP CLUB'

Friday 19.May 18-20.00

Old Library House (Vanha kirjastotalo), Keskustori 4

English with Finnish translation

A mix of video, comedy and stunts this special My Dads Strip Club
evening brings a unique combination of critical consumption & humour
to the old library house. This social evening offers an insight into
the world
of playful creative resistance acts from around the globe.

Everyone welcome.
Free entry.

ANSWER BACK "No, Macdonalds. I'm NOT Loving It."

Saturday and Sunday 20-21 May 2006

Tampere Central Square 12:30-17:30

( part of DIY city project http://www.teeseitsekaupunki.net/)

Working languages: English with Finnish translation

My Dads Strip Club takes up the challenge to work with local citizens
to 'Answer Back'.

How do we break out of the climate of hypnotized passivity that the
products and adverts cultivate?

"Hey Coke, do you wanna see what The Real Thing feels like"

We want to culture a spirit of answering back with an emphasis on good
time and playfulness. We envisage a mix of 'creatives' and 'resisters'
working together to improvise and make new responses to the city in a
creative and lively way. This DIY approach is a chance to bring
together different ideas and build networks for future creative
actions in Finland. The emphasis will be on fun, building confidence
and relationships.

CONTACTS: For additional information email: me@mydadsstripclub.com
Booking is not essential, but it helps us to know who is coming.
+358 50 929 6887 (english)

My Dads Strip Club

Ange Taggart, Nottingham UK has spent more of her lifetime doing
ordinary jobs than being an artist. She created the website My Dads
Strip Club and works as part of a sub-culture of creative people whose
activities have been loosely defined as 'culture-jamming'. Taggart
straps on a coke bottle and fucks coke machines, interrogates
shoppers, buys everything and returns it to the store telling them why
their products are so crap. She hates how much of the arts has become
a product of consumer society alongside other mass produced tat.
She's based in Pori until the end of June 2006 or sooner if she gets
thrown out.



These events are part of the DO IT YOURSELF City project (14-25.5.2006)

DO IT YOURSELF City is a workshop located in Keskustori, Tampere Central
Square, created by Mikko Lipiäinen and Jonne Kauko. A chaotic
environment to be born around one site hut and two steel containers
will enable a free urban fantasy. The workshop is challenging people
in the city to deliberate and transform the
visual order of their surroundings by themselves, in the spirit of
grassroot level city planning. It is hoped to bring up voices which do
not come across through the usual bureaucratic and market research

You can join the workshop also at www.teeseitsekaupunki.net