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Radical Academics in Neoliberal University Inc London May 24

Radical Academics in Neoliberal University Inc: Experiences and Horizons

Join us for an evening of talks, screenings, discussions and a late
evening social at the Square Social Centre, London WC1. Wednesday 24th
of May, 6-11pm.

Universities across the UK and the US are increasingly driven by a
strict corporate logic, leaving less space for alternative, radical
voices to be heard. Anarchists were among the first to be hit hard by
this: in the US, Ward Churchill (University of Colorado) and David
Graeber (Yale University) have been the first victims of a
neo-McCarthyist wave.

Using the opportunity of David Graeber’s visit to the UK we are
putting together an event to discuss the experiences, horizons and
prospects of radical academics working in Neoliberal University Inc
today; to find out more about repression against them and how we can
help; but also to learn from each others positive experiences,
strengthen our links and discuss alternative educational structures!

Speakers to include:

Massimo De Angelis (University of East London, UK)
David Graeber (Yale University, US)
Ed Emery (Universitas adversitatis) (tbc!)

If you want to talk at the event, get yourself some very basic (but
free!) accommodation or simply let us know you are coming,

e-mail antiauthoritarians@riseup.net

Weds 24th of May 6-11pm


Free & open to ALL!David Graeber will also appear in Edinburgh on Saturday May 27th and Sunday 28th May 2006 at the first Radical Geographies Reading Group weekend.

Saturday 27th May, 3-7pm

Public Lecture

with discussion and evening social
Hetherington Research Club, University Gardens

Glasgow University

Sunday 28th May, 3-5pm

Open discussion:

“The Global Justice Movement: One Year After the G8”

Edinburgh Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace