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Anarchist/Anti-Authoritarian Bloc for A29 Demo in NYC

Anarchist/Anti-Authoritarian Bloc for A29 Demo in NYC

On Saturday, April 29 there will be a huge anti-war march and peace & justice festival in New York City (Manhattan) being organized by United For Peace and Justice.

Information at www.April29.org

An anarchist/anti-authoritarian bloc will be assembling at the intersection of 20th and Park, SW corner, at 11 am (look for the red and black flags!). This will consist (currently) of various Students For a Democratic Society chapters (all chapters from new york city, as well as Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Jersey), the Industrial Workers of the World, the New York Metro Alliance of Anarchists, the War Resisters League, and various other anarchist groups and individuals from New York City and elsewhere. THIS IS NOT A BLACK BLOC, HOWEVER there will be time (march doesn't step off until 12) for anyone who wishes to form a black bloc and/or participate in direct action to group up at the assembly point.

In addition, the New York Metro Alliance of Anarchists, Students For A Democratic Society-Pace, and others have called for all anarchists and anti-authoritarians to march in solidarity with the Transit Workers Union and imprisoned Roger Toussaint, to support them against their attack by the City of New York before the main anti-war march. Assemble at the corner of Canal and Centre Street, in front of the Starbucks at 10:00 AM to march passed Toussaint’s jail cell at 10:30 (on Centre between White and Baxter). [Take the N,Q,R,W,J,M,Z, or 6 train to Canal St.]
This march will then proceed to meet up with the main anarchist/anti-authoritarian bloc on 20th St. before the main anti-war march steps off.

See you in the streets!

more info: anarchistNJ@yahoo.com