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Come Join the Astor Place Whirl-Mart Event!

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Come Join the Astor Place Whirl-Mart!

On Sunday, Dec. 2 from 12-1 pm, there will be a Whirl-Mart
event at the Astor Place K-Mart at Lafayette and St. Marks
(pre-whirl meeting in front of the store @ 11:45).
Whirl-Mart is a monthly ritual which involves participants
meeting at a given superstore and proceeding to push empty
shopping carts in silence throughout the store for an hour.
It is at once an act of performance, protest and
meditation....and YOU are invited!!! for more information,
visit: http://www.breathingplanet.net

here is the straight text from the flyer:

What is Whirl-mart?

Whirl-Mart is an anti-shopping ritual during which
a local breathingplanet troupe gathers and silently
pushes empty shopping carts through the aisles
of a local superstore. The ritual takes place on the
first Sunday of every month at 12 pm and lasts for
approximately one hour. It is at once a meditative and
energizing experience that blurs the boundaries
between action and audience.
Why Whirl-Mart?

Whirl-Mart was conceived as a way to poetically
and peacefully state our collective disrespect for
the capitalist world order and to display our
opposition to the values of competition, domination,
and exploitation imposed upon us by consumer
culture. This art/action is not meant to be an attack
on any specific corporation. Rather, breathingplanet
has chosen to more generally target superstores
because they are symbolic both of the religious faith
modern humans invest in material consumption, and
of the seemingly inescapable corporate superstucture
in which we live.

Get Involved!

If the monthly ritual of Whirl-Mart is performed in
many superstores around the country simultaneously,
it has potential to make an impact on our collective
perception of consumer space and our habits of
over-consumption. To take part in an already existing
Whirl-Mart ritual or start one in your community,
visit www.breathingplanet.net or email:


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