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First National Workers’ Gathering April 29 Mexico City

Call to Attend the First National Workers’ Gathering
Event to Be Held April 29 in Mexico City

By Unions with the Other Campaign and the Zapatista Army of National Liberation March 26, 2006
To the urban workers that have adhered to the Sixth Declaration and the Other Campaign

To the workers that fight and to all the exploited:

We the undersigned, members of the Other Campaign that is being developed across the country, invite you to the First National Workers’ Gathering, which will be held Saturday, April 29, in the offices of the National Union of Uniroyal Workers, located at 95 Lago Plava, Huichapan neighborhood, Mexico City, to meet with the following goals:

1. Prepare for our participation in the commemoration of International Workers’ Day, May 1, across the country, in what we will call “The Other May 1.”

2. Democratically discuss a plan of struggle to defeat charrismo (corrupt union leadership) in all its expressions in our union organizations.

3. Promote the formation of a democratic, class-conscious, fighting international organization throughout the Other Campaign that allows us to face the struggle against the bosses and their government — both the current administration and the one that will be elected this July 2.

4. Strengthen our struggles through the formation of currents or groups based in the unions, in order to reclaim our organizations from the hands of agents of the bosses, the charros and the neo-charros.

5. Rescue the basic principles of the working class and our political participation in the life of the country.

6. Discuss a platform of struggle that allows us to reestablish the true role of the workers in society, independently and through struggle, with very clear goals, where the independence of the working class to develop its own political participation prevails.

7. Strengthen our unity with the poor peasant farmers, the indigenous, the popular sectors, the women, the youth, and other exploited and oppressed sectors of the prevailing capitalist society in our country, which are the only allies we can count on.

8. Surround with solidarity the different struggles that many of our compañeros are developing across the county, and create the necessary links with workers of other nations.
This call is completely open to the workers in general and to whoever is interested in this initiative, as long as it will be the workers who enjoy the space to reflect and reach agreements.


National Revolutionary Union of Hulera Euzkadi Company Workers

National Union of Uniroyal Workers

Workers’ Group from the National Union of General Tire Workers

Workers’ Group from the Hulera Tornel Company

San Luis Potosí Solidarity Front for the Defense of Labor Rights

University of Guadalajara Union of Academic Personnel

National United Front of Active, Retired and Pensioned National Social Security Institute (IMSS) Workers

Collective of Trade Unionists with the Sixth Declaration

Central Unitaria de Trabajadores

Socialist Workers’ Party

Zapatista Army of National Liberation

If interested speak to the hosts of the gathering in Mexico City by calling 5591-0168 or 5703-2244, or by writing to posmex@prodigy.net.mx or