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Anti-Capitalist Convergence Against World Economic Forum

Call for an Anti-Capitlaist Convergence Against the World Economic Forum in New York City (January 31ÑFebruary 4)

Join Us as New Yorkers Strike Back Against Corporate Terror

For years now, the CEOs of major corporations, hundreds
of top international government officials and just plain rich
people -- from Bill Gates to Bill Clinton -- have been meeting every
year in Davos, Switzerland. This is where the real rulers of the
world give the politicians their marching orders. This is where
the schemes that lead to atrocities like GATT and the WTO are
actually hatched. And this year, the dining club for the world
ruling class will be held at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Midtown

The WEF is moving here because they were effectively chased out
of Switzerland by a concerted campaign of direct action. They
think that here in New York we're shell-shocked, punch-drunk, and
maybe we are but -- whaddya fuckin' kiddin' me?

This is a provocation. While thousands of New Yorkers
are still burying their dead, trying to patch together
shattered lives, and desperately trying to see how they can
continue to pay insanely high New York City rents after being laid
off from their jobs, the richest and most powerful men on earth
have decided to come and party on the wreckage -- to celebrate, no
doubt, the billions of dollars of taxpayer money they've just been
handed by their respective governments and explore new opportunities
to profiteer from permanent global warfare. Do they think we
have no pride? No self-respect? That we're just going to sit
back and let this happen?

As our heroic firefighters have shown us, the moratorium on
direct action in New York is over.

We are calling for for a joyous, creative resistance to the
WEF's stifling grey culture of corporate conformity; actions
whose diversity of tactics will reflect the rich diversity
of our city's communities. We are calling for actions
based on principles of non-hierarchy, passionate opposition
to patriarchy, white supremacy, and rule-by-elite, and
the vision of a world in which no one has to live in fear or daily

We are calling for a world in which states and their wars, the economic
violence and insecurity promulgated by their corporate overlords,
the hideous legacy of 500 years of colonialism and racism, and the
violence and intolerance of every kind of crusader and religious
fanatic will finally be banished from this earth.

It's not a pipe dream. Nothing is impossible if we refuse to live in

Would you Care to Join us in a Social Revolution?


Waldorf Astoria Hotel

New York City

January 31-February 4

This call has been written by several anti-capitalists in New York City
and Washington, DC, with input from others. The organizational details
have yet to be hammered out. A coalition of anti-capitalists is being
formed in New York City. The Anti-Capitalist Convergence in Washington,
DC will probably be involved. Rumors have it that other local groups in
other cities are talking.

For the latest news about this convergence, planning meetings, and
endorsers of this call, see:


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