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Tension Prevails in Filipinas

Tension Prevails in Filipinas

Prensa Latina

A great tension still prevails in this
capital Saturday after the implementation of national emergency state
24 hours ago despite the military commanders considered everything is
under control in Filipinas.

President Gloria Macapal Arroyo adopted the measure Friday after the
anti-governmental forces allegedly make an attempt of a coup d´etat.

The action would take place in occasion of the 20 anniversary of the
popular uprising against Dictator Ferdinand Marcos on February 25,

According to the army the political opposition had foreseen using the
date to demand, through demonstrations, the resignation of Macapal
accused of fraud during the presidential elections in 2004.

Because of that threat Macapal declared the national emergency state,
suspended all of that anniversary's celebration, ordered the arrest
of top rank military and legislators allegedly implicated in the
closure of several daily news.
She also granted the security guard special power to arrest without a
judicial order and forbid mass meetings.

The ex President Corazon Aquino the icon of the uprising against
Marcos and Macapal Arroyo´s old ally declared to the press she is
ready to lead a popular movement against the Chief of State if the
people ask her to do it.

For that reason in the streets, squares and other central places of
the capital thousands of police and soldiers are deployed on battle
action even in the surrounding area of Malacanang presidential

However the chief of the Armed Forces, General Generoso Senga told
the press that the situation in Filipinas "is under control" and
assured the military commanders reiterated their support to the
President of Filipinas.