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InterContinental Cry For Unity

Ahni writes:

InterContinental Cry for Unity

Inspired by Noam Chomsky's book Hegemony or Survival, the Movements of South America, the World Social Forum, and the Continental Cry of the Excluded, a website called the InterContinental Cry For Unity has recently been created.

The website is among other things, a response to the need for more dialogue in a number of areas fundamental in our common walk. For instance, while there is no shortage of declarations, protests or clear voice about what we do not like or approve of (e.g. what Governments and corporations are doing) there is very little about just what our goals are, or what exactly we need to do for ourselves — after all, our work is not to benefit Empire, but each other.The site will also focus intensively on common and seemingly isolated problems both global and local; short, medium, and long-term solutions;
Social/Political Movements and alternatives to the systems and policies that disserve the People (and all other life).

As well, there are three 'unique' projects on this site, which completely depend on others' participation and contributions for their success:

— developing a common declaration which affirms the necessities inherent in our walk towards unity.

— in depth exploration into InterContinental and community-based Participatory Democracies; and

- Live, Monthly Online gatherings (using audio if funds can be raised)

Now I realize that many of us already have so much on our plates, that we simply do not have time for more, and I assure you it is not my interest to ask you or anyone else to take on more.

What I ask is, considering the sheer size and scope of what is before us: the daunting task of getting governments and corporations to self-correct, coupled with (among other things) the need to define "the possible world," and the conflicting relationships of People to Governments, NGO's to People, and those divided by the many classes of race, gender, ethnicity, and beliefs: That you consider participating/contributing to this project as you can...

Afterall, whether you work to end the WTO, protect the buffalo, or empower the impoverished: our purpose is a common one, and it is to have a world worthy of all our children... and so we must call attention to what is necessary for that world to be, to proceed to make that world a reality.

And so I respectfully invite you to join the InterContinental Cry For Unity.

John Schertow (Ahniwanika)
ph. (204) 775-6554

3-601 William Ave
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3A 0K1