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Cialis- The 36 Hours Promise

Launched by Lilly iCOS, Cialis has emerged as a wonder drug for millions of men around who had really lost hopes of rejuvenating their disrupted their sexual lives. The magical pill has rapidly taken the erectile dysfunction market under its grasp and the major factor that has given it an edge over its cut-throat competitors like Viagra and Levitra is it durability. Unbelievable…but true…..the magic of cialis lasts for 36 hours from its onset time.

The drug is used for the treatment of Impotence, it is one of the most commonly occurring sexual problem; it has ruined the sexual life of numerous men. It is defined as the inability of men to achieve or to maintain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse or the needs of his partner. Impotence is associated with our psyche.

A recent report reveals that up to 78% of sexual dysfunction and inhibited sexual desire are of mental or emotional origin. It is important to clearly understand the main causes of impotence. The major factors leading to sexual dysfunction in men are sexual guilt, depression, fear of intimacy, and some recreational drugs.

Thanks to medical sciences that has provided successful, effectual and easy solution to erectile dysfunction. You don’t need to go for the painful as well as embarrassing surgery, the FDA approved orally taken pill Cialis can do wonders for you.

Cialis is a PDE-5 inhibitor recommended by FDA for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It is only to be used by people suffering from impotence and that to after taking proper consent from health care professionals.

The onset of Cialis is amazingly fast and the effect lasts for 36 hours giving enough time to plan out and enjoy the sexual desires.

The makers of Cialis believe that Cialis is far safer than any other prescription drug in its category but Cialis like Viagra and Levitra can lead to familiar adverse effects like headache, indigestion, back pain, muscle aches, flushing, and stuffy or runny nose.

Cialis dosage: Cialis is available in different varieties (5mg, 10mg and 20mg) to be taken as prescribed by health care professionals.