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Money: The Greatest Lie Ever Told

Money: The Greatest Lie Ever Told Understanding the Vatican’s true nature by their handling of the concept of Money

Money: The Greatest Lie Ever Told

Understanding the Vatican’s true nature by their handling of the concept of Money when reading the various discussions about how to end poverty and solving the world’s money and resource problems, most people focus on how to change the nature of, or the availability of money. Very few ever consider that the problem is not how much money you have or don’t have, nor is it related to the type of money you use. In fact, it is easily demonstrated that one of the root causes of our entire civilization’s never-ending and great struggles is that we are using money at all. Furthermore, if money were simply eliminated and we instead cooperated with each other and turned away from the evil cabals that control all money (read: the Vatican and their international banking deceptions) then, and only then, will all of this never-ending struggle and blatant evil finally subside.

Unknown to almost everyone, the Vatican is the secret ruler of Planet Earth. They are also the secret central bank that sits behind several layers of deception and manipulates the world’s financial systems. They are the hidden controllers of those who control national and international banking and economies. All national debts exist because of the Vatican’s manipulations, and all national debts ultimately enrich the Vatican and its primary cohorts. If you ever wondered how this cadre of child rapists can still compel leaders of powerful nations to kiss the Pope’s ring, just consider how much power you would wield if every nation in the world were deeply indebted to the cabals you controlled. The Vatican is the secretive and shadowy remnant of, and successor to, the ancient Priesthood of Babylon that created money, banking, and credit (usury) many thousands of years ago. They continued intact through the Persian, Greek, and Roman Empires to become the Vatican of today.

They secretly control or instigate all the primary secret societies such as the Illuminati, Masons, Skull and Bones, KKK, and various Nazi and White Supremacy movements. This mystery cabal has used secrecy, conspiracy, Machiavellian technique, terrorism, so-called hidden knowledge, and more to rule empires from the shadows for thousands of years. Now they and their cohorts secretly rule the entire planet. The Vatican secretly instigates and manipulates the conditions that cause widespread poverty and suffering and all of the other evils that are associated with the very existence and requirement of money. The excesses of globalism, the New World Order, war, terrorism, war profiteering, international banking, currency manipulation, and more are the direct results of Vatican institutions and activities. They and their cohorts conceived and drive the growth of the so-called New World Order. It is they who control all world powers and through them use wars, terrorism, poverty, currency speculation, economic manipulation, and much more to drive their geopolitical aims and to satisfy a never-ending lust for ultimate control, power, and riches.

Take a moment to contemplate the impact of these revelations. The Vatican has blatantly lied to practically everyone by pretending to be a religious organization only. Leading political, religious and monetary leaders have actively conspired with them for centuries to keep the world’s populations in the dark about their true nature and function and to help them consolidate control over the entire planet. While bedeviling us all with their false morality and holier-than-thou pretenses, they have operated in the shadows, actively and purposely causing billions upon billions of people to struggle and suffer unnecessarily. While turning a blind eye to the rampant rape and abuse of children by their so-called priests and others, they fight tooth and nail to pay as little compensation as possible to these victims. All along, they secretly control all the world’s money and banking systems. Huge percentages of all national debts are secretly owed to them through numerous proxies, as they simultaneously pretend not to have enough money to compensate their victims. They use their vast wealth and control of religions and secret societies to manipulate politics and governments from the shadows. They directly profit from wars, terrorism, genocide, and the never-ending struggle and suffering of billions the world over. Even so, they pretend to represent the Creator and lecture us about morality and sex while harboring the greatest concentration of child rapists on the planet. Yet, this is the “mother church” of Christianity, which demands that you must have faith in their myths and in the infallibility of the Pope. What is wrong with this picture? Is there any doubt they are lying on a grand scale?

They and their bankers and economists have long perpetuated the strong lie that money is merely a store of value. Yet, anyone with the intelligence to pay attention to history and the news can see that money always decreases in value over time. Furthermore, because of myriad deceptive and fraudulent financial and economic systems, almost no one can retain their supposed “store of value” except for the aristocrats and plutocrats who have always conspired with the Vatican. People continue to despair, struggle, and suffer because money is one of the most inefficient, ineffective, and unjust methods of managing life, society, and civilization. The very existence and requirement of money forces people to acquiesce to false choices and regularly make obviously unjust decisions that serve the requirements of money and its controllers, while consistently and invariably causing widespread harm to multitudes of innocent people. Money is a store of value only for those who sit atop the social pyramid, profiting from the debts, struggle, despair, and suffering of everyone else.

It is abundantly clear that imposing money upon the entire world and then forcing people to participate in usury, pay taxes, compounding interest on national debts, and then to struggle their lives away for the sake of money, is extortion and great injustice on a grand scale. To cause suffering and despair for profit on such a grand scale can only be described as abominably evil. The time has finally arrived to demand a full accounting from the Papacy, Vatican, and all of their cohorts and chief supporters. They have no right to cause such overwhelming despair and suffering for millennia. They have no right to deceive practically everyone on such a grand scale. Why do our national leaders conspire with them and participate in such great evil while pretending to serve the Creator? Why do people still have blind faith in such obvious deceivers and their deceptions while they continue perpetrating such widespread and horrendous evil and abominations?

Surely, when they’ve lied to the world on such a grand scale while perpetrating such amazing abominations for so long, how can anything they say or represent be trusted? They secretly control all three Faiths of Abraham and, in various ways, subjugate and manipulate other religions. They created the New Testament, influenced the creation of the Koran and Islam, as well as the structure and focus of Judaism. They have successfully deceived billions of people into believing and participating in these great delusions. They use the smokescreen of religion to hide their true source of power, which is global manipulation and control of money, banking, politics, and governments. We can now see that the primary purpose for religion is to delude and deceive the entire world so they can continue to secretly enslave everyone through the institutions of money and politics. Anyone who sees the millions of people ravaged by wars, terrorism, poverty, and starvation must now understand the true nature of the “Beast” that created their religions and controls all leading politicians. Now that you understand that the Vatican controls the world from the shadows, by secretly controlling the world’s currencies, financial systems and governments, let’s take the time and truly understand the nature of the concept we call money, which has long been used to enslave everyone, everywhere. The Truth about the Concept of Money

Money is the sole reason why both parents must slave outside the home in many families. Money is the sole reason why you never seem to have enough leisure time, and are always stressed out (despair). Money is why evil is again on the rise. Money is the reason why mothers are forced to go to war and fight and kill, just as men have always done. All wars are funded by money or are fought because of lack of money or the lust for money. Evil requires money and deception to grow and to attract and keep followers. Because of the existence of money, life is exponentially more difficult than it would be without such a labor intensive, complex, destructive, and unjust system ruling our lives. The vast majority of all the ills that bedevil human civilization, societies, and individuals have money among the root causes. People have been so deceived, deluded, and preoccupied trying to succeed in this money driven civilization, that very few have taken the time to analyze the enormous burden, extra effort, and widespread harm caused by the very existence of money. Once we wisely end the existence and requirement of money and decide to simply cooperate to make all things free, then and only then will there be justice for all people. When money is banished from the earth, the primary cause and incentive to harm others for profit or survival will finally cease to exist.

Money, profit, capitalism and all such delusions are simply incompatible with Truth and Justice. How much struggle and suffering does it take for this self-evident fact of life to take hold and cause people to realize that the time is long overdue for a major change in the human equation? Our entire civilization is forced to struggle and despair because of the existence and requirement of the greatest of all delusions. A relative handful of greedy scoundrels control and bedevil billions of people worldwide because they control monetary systems and economies which are secretly structured and manipulated to ultimately benefit a select few. Because a very small number of men have fraudulently structured the world’s financial systems and economies, billions of people everywhere struggle, suffer, and despair endlessly with no true solution ever offered by their leaders, except for the delusional shell games of religion, money, and politics.

Take a moment to contemplate how money causes everything in life to be insanely more complex and consequently, exponentially more difficult than is necessary. Money and the many layers of systems that accompany its requirement and side effects have insinuated themselves into everything we do in life. Consider the bureaucracies that simply would not exist without the need to manage myriad laws and rules that only exist because of the purposely-imposed complexity that accompanies the requirement of money. Consider the vast amounts of paperwork and wasted energy and resources that would be eliminated along with the elimination of money. Consider the laws, taxes, insurance, copyrights, patents, banks, banking, credit, many forms of money, accounting, advertising, sales, security, legalities, litigation, and the massive redundancies associated with myriad organizations doing the same work and seeking profits while keeping the results secret and/or proprietary. Think of all the trees that die, the pollution pumped into the air and water, the natural systems that suffer, and the massive destruction of nature and humanity that occur because of the need to feed the never ending drive to grow markets, economies, corporations, and bureaucracies. Without the need to compete for money and customers, things could get done right the first time and there would be no need to constantly reproduce and throw away shoddy, short-lived products. Without the need to protect intellectual property, trade secrets, discoveries, techniques, and technologies all knowledge and wisdom could be freely shared thereby raising the quality of life for everyone, everywhere, and eliminating myriad layers of massive redundancy and waste. Without the wasted human effort that accompanies the existence of money, it would be simple to meet the needs of every single person on the planet with a fraction of the energies and resources currently expended. By redirecting the lives and intellects now consumed by the need to satisfy the appetite of the almighty dollar (and all currencies), we could solve all of humanity's persistent problems in less than one decade. With a mere fraction of the labor, energy, and resources now wasted serving voracious greed, money, commerce, and competition, we could easily create a true paradise.

Sadly, everything we need to survive and to enjoy life now requires access to money, which is always and purposely in short supply. Because of the perpetually and purposely inadequate money supply, most people are deceived and thereby extorted into accepting the lures and traps of credit, loans, and more. This is the ancient evil called usury, regardless of how bankers and economists keep changing its legal definition. Now that we’ve unwisely permitted these greedy scoundrels to lure us into the trap of credit, loans, and such, they have deceptively imposed the very computerized population tracking systems that many feared and sought to prevent through political and judicial means. Because of this so-called war on terror, and to the surprise of many, these supposedly private credit databases are suddenly available to governments and are being used to track and control everyone like slaves and prisoners. We were lied to about their true purpose and we are still being lied to about the hidden agendas that led to their creation. Isn’t it interesting that the people who benefited the most from the 9/11 attacks on the USA are the leadership and financiers of the American Republican Party? Isn’t it curious that these mostly (and supposedly) evangelical Christians have such a cozy relationship with the Vatican and secret societies? Isn’t it perplexing that our so-called leaders have focused so heavily on corralling and controlling the populations of the world while doing everything possible to avoid preventing the apparent causes of terrorism? Put on your detective’s hat and treat this scenario as a crime scene. Follow the money trail to see who gained the most from the evil that accompanies this deceptive “war on terror.” This is not rocket science and clues to the truth are everywhere.

While conspiracy theorists and others kept sounding alarms about the specter of computer chips, bar codes, and such, everyone freely accepted the intrusion and deception of multiple credit rating systems. While fretting about Big Brother imposing such systems, we all permitted and foolhardily assisted them to create redundant population tracking databases. Now, after a single major terrorist strike on the US, these redundant systems have us all tagged and tracked as effectively as everything we feared. Every time we make a purchase using the “convenience” of credit or debit cards, every time we travel, every time we deposit and withdraw funds, we are tracked, categorized, and analyzed. Did you notice how easily governments began using these systems without the need to go to the legislature or judiciary? It was automatic and trouble-free–exactly as if it was planned and awaiting the proper pretext. In other words, the world’s banking and financial systems have just proven to everyone that they are a pivotal arm of the secret global government that has always planned to corral the world’s populations into a virtual prison, when the conditions were just right. Isn’t it amazingly coincidental that the “war on terror” has established a world-wide security net focused on brown people, precisely when religions are expecting a messiah that history proves should also be brown-skinned? What does that say about the Vatican and its claims to be a peaceful religious organization, while secretly causing great evil perfectly timed to oppose the Messiah?

The deception doesn’t end with banking and financial systems. The consolidation of major industries is a likewise premeditated activity in preparation for this specific time. Thanks to most people’s never-ending lust for all of the conveniences, latest gadgets, and newest vehicles, humanity has foolhardily supported the creation of a virtual prison, funded and supported by the excesses of industrialized nations and the labor of everyone. For instance, cell phones and cars are now tied into global positioning systems and you can be tracked like tagged animals. The big difference is that you freely accepted these high-tech tags while laboring daily to keep paying for them. At least wild animals must be forced into captivity. Greedy humans are more easily lured, deluded, and psychologically entrapped. Sure, the stated purpose was supposedly for your convenience and enjoyment, but I hope you are starting to get a clue that those who control the world’s financial and economic systems think nothing of lying to your face. They view you as their property, in the same way they’ve always treated slaves, serfs, and other subjects of empires.

Furthermore, nearly everyone in western societies is deluded into thinking that the concept of money and credit is somehow legitimate, unavoidable, and desirable. Consequently, we’ve been deceived into giving absolute power to control every minute detail of our lives to those who secretly control the world’s money supplies, industries, and economies. We have been deluded and lured into a trap so pervasive and well sculpted as to be virtually inescapable. You now have the key out of this trap by understanding that the Vatican and their cohorts are behind this grand deception.

We now see the people who control all money and banking everywhere (the Vatican and its cohorts), again striving to shut down freedom, everywhere, in an effort to consolidate control of everything and everyone. Why are they doing this in secrecy? Because no one in their right mind would freely choose to have a cadre of deluded, greedy and arrogant child rapists run their life, enslave them through banking and credit (usury) and then herd them into an evil-inspired New World Order. Most people fully understand exactly how evil the Vatican was during the Christian reign of Eurasia that we now call the Dark Ages. This level of evil could only succeed in today’s world through secrecy, deception, misdirection, and obfuscation. There are those who still believe the Vatican’s long-term and well-planned misdirection and foolishly conclude that the Jews control the world. This is a simplistic answer designed to inflame the deluded.

Most people have been too pre-occupied by their own struggles or too loyal to great delusions to recognize the truth. You are now enslaved by a shadowy evil that has used money and usury to manufacture the ability to corral or destroy all life. The very existence of money is our primary problem, not the lack of money. Only when you understand this self-evident wisdom and are prepared to do something about it, will we ever truly defeat evil. If we do nothing about it, then evil is guaranteed to further consolidate control over everything. Take the time to contemplate how people could live without much money only a few short years ago. Yet now, it’s almost impossible.

Can you see the patterns and obvious progression through time? Just extend them out another 50 years; after the environment and the air have been destroyed and polluted: When all water must be processed to remove the poisons. When all food sources are genetically modified and patented. When all DNA is the property of international conglomerates. When they succeed, our chances of defeating them at some future date, without significant bloodshed, chaos, and destruction are extremely slim. Your chances of a life free of money and corporate control will have been eliminated because they will control everything they can and will have polluted and poisoned the rest.

Understand clearly that the time to end this madness is now or never–not next year, nor next month, but now!

Money was created to defraud and enslave and it has worked like a charm. Once we end our own delusions and slavish lusts for money and materialism, only then will we end the ability of evil cabals to control the world. It really is that simple! Money drives greed, lack of compassion, lack of cooperation, politics, religion, wars, terrorism, crime, taxes, corrupt governments, corporations, secret societies, credit, insurance, poverty, homelessness, shoddy manufacturing, planned obsolescence, waste, sales, advertising, spam, telemarketing, junk mail, hunger, human conflict of all types, and much, much, more. It splits families and friends and turns them against each other. Most crime happens because of the extreme stresses upon individuals and because they are trapped in a world that values money over the lives, health, and comfort of living beings. Free from the burdens and requirements of money, our civilization has more than ample knowledge, skills, and labor to easily establish a true paradise for all, and without fail. All that prevents the end to most evil and the resulting never-ending struggles is the collective decision to finally walk a different path and to take personal responsibility for the well being of all life, without equivocation, and without fail. The current greedy and materialistic focus imposed through western civilization is a scourge upon all life everywhere that must now end or even greater tragedies await humanity.

Are you finally starting to get the picture? Most negative things in life simply would not exist in a civilization that understands the truth about greed, money, and materialism and refuses to struggle unnecessarily to enrich and empower evil and deceptive leaders and concepts. Make your own list of the negative things in life that exist because of money, greed, and materialism and that would not exist if we simply cooperated and made everything free. Contemplate all the things that happen to people who don’t have money, jobs, homes, insurance, health care, and so on, and you will understand which things will cease to exist in a civilization where everything is free and we all cooperate to keep it that way. You’ll be surprised at how long the list grows. Is it worth all the struggle, crime, wars, injustice, stress, fear, and more, just to avoid working together and treating each other as equals deserving equal care and consideration? We can easily end all of this evil now by walking away from the requirement of money and never permitting it to exist, ever again.

Many will have the initial reaction that ending the existence of money, in all its forms, will lead to chaos. Of course, there will be a period of readjustment, but chaos need not occur. Did chaos ensue when the lights went out in the northeast United States recently? Does chaos ensue during the yearly natural disasters such as the fires in California, the hurricanes in Florida, or the recent earthquakes and tsunamis? People are forced to cooperate and things that must happen get done. In fact, such disasters would be significantly easier to recover from if money and all of its attendant complexities and unnecessary overhead didn’t complicate everything we try to do. Both the short-term and long-term benefits to individuals, society, and to nature will dramatically outweigh any minor efforts to switch gears. Everything we do that is worth doing will be easier without money and the myriad unproductive efforts that it forces upon individuals and civilization. The extra complexity and negative influences caused by the existence of money and all that it requires of us and society is the root cause of the never-ending hardships and stress that burden all of our lives. There is never enough money to cover the basics of life for most people, though they work harder than the obscenely rich.

Now, visualize an existence where you work less than you do now, where you have ample leisure time, educational opportunities and access to the requirements and joys of life. Where we have replaced greed and selfishness with compassion, generosity, cooperation, and harmony. Where there is no crime because no one is required to use money for food, healthcare, housing, clothing, transportation, and more because everything is free because we have finally learned that its exponentially easier to simply cooperate. This is better than being rich because you don’t have to worry about bills, rent, mortgages, taxes, crime, money, security, hunger, homelessness, wars, politics, credit, identity theft, or any of the hassles associated with money or the lack of it. No matter what you do in life, you’ll never have to worry about money, ever again.

People fear the loss of money because they associate money with their ability to survive, eat, be healthy, and have a home. But when you look beyond the concept of money, you aren’t actually concerned about money. You are concerned about the comfort, health and survival for which money is now unjustly required. Why not cut out the many layers of middlemen who put their hands in our minds and pockets? The blind fear and single-minded focus on money is simply a false perception (illusion and delusion) cultivated over the millennia by greedy scoundrels and cabals. It is they, and those who conspire with them or support them, that make the lives of billions and billions of people a living hell. A relative handful of greedy scoundrels have deceived all of us. It is they you are truly afraid of, not the concept of money. Do the math: A few thousand bankers and economists and their overlords weighed against billions of deceived people slaving under their illusory whips called money and credit and lured by an unceasing and insane level of unnecessary materialism.

Money is an addiction more powerful than heroin and humanity is in dire need of intervention.

Aboriginal peoples and others simply built homes and lived in them without the constant worries about rent, mortgages, utilities, and taxes. They ate without the constant worry of keeping their jobs or paying insurance, bills, or any of the other complexities imposed by the existence and requirements of money. Their lives were less stressful and with more leisure time than today. That is, until the greedy land barons, bankers, politicians, priests, and their ilk imposed “civilization” upon them in the form of money, materialism, politics, and religion. Furthermore, the excuse that modern civilization’s benefits outweigh the myriad problems associated with money and materialism is a deceptively false premise. All of modern civilization’s true benefits can be supplied without most of the negative aspects associated with money, capitalism, poverty, crime, pollution, politics, and so on. In fact, without the constant burden and yoke of earning, managing, and protecting money and property, most of the negative aspects of modern life simply would not exist. Everything from constant stress to the destruction of nature is directly linked to money.

Life’s greatest burdens exist simply because people are too preoccupied with day-to-day survival or too greedy, vain, or arrogant to look beyond the obvious to discern the truth and live wisely. The monetary concepts imposed upon us all by a relative handful of greedy scoundrels are great folly and blatantly evil scourges upon all life that must now end. The only people that the existence and requirement of money truly benefits are a relative handful of evil scoundrels who strive to defraud and enslave their fellow humans and to rape and subdivide this planet for their own selfish ends. All life suffers unnecessarily because of money.

Without the constant drive to earn money and hoard material objects, their would be no need to continuously destroy nature, pollute air, water, and land, or to fight wars and kill innocents. Without the existence and requirement of money, life would be simpler, dramatically less stressful and amazingly less difficult. To get there, we must all change our attitudes and perceptions and reassess the true meaning and value of life. Greed, vanity, unfettered materialism, and extreme individuality to the point that it causes harm to everyone else, are what lures and herds everyone into a New World Order ruled by the evil that emanates from the Vatican. In case you haven’t noticed, the first step on the path to evil is greed. All the super-rich scoundrels who secretly help the Vatican control this world are paragons of greed, arrogance, and vanity. The only path out of this trap is to turn away from rampant greed and to actively establish unequivocal truth, justice, equity, cooperation in all things, and compassion for each other and all life. We must end rampant materialism, commercialism, and private ownership of everything and replace them with a truly wise and just civilization and societies.

Look around at how the rich and powerful use the money that all of us have unwittingly assisted them to accumulate. It should be clear that widespread greed and selfishness helps them to oppress everyone, just as the rich and greedy have always done. The only true solution is to end our own greed and end the concept of money immediately, without further delay. We must also simultaneously guarantee that all people everywhere have easy access to all that is necessary for a joyous, healthy, rewarding life, free of this evil. We’ve experienced the extremes of capitalism, fascism and communism and we should all now know what to avoid. At least the correct answers are easier to discern now that we’ve all suffered through the wrong choices for so long.

Some will want to attack this change by labeling it communism or socialism. It’s important to stress that those systems also required money and enforced top-down control of everything and everyone. Those systems are also based on politics, dogma, and banking and are errors just like capitalism and religion. The big difference now is that we are going to walk away from all of the things that made those systems fail. The existence of money, religion and politics are the major flaws of all human endeavors. Harmony, cooperation, and compassion are very, very difficult in the presence of any of these concepts. The presence and synchronization of all three guarantees never-ending struggle and virtual (if not actual) enslavement by the most arrogant and greedy among us. They are deceptive barriers to true freedom created thousands of years ago and are still used to bedevil everyone by the great deceivers we now call the Vatican.

To counter any claims of communism or the like, let’s take a good look at how this change in our civilization and societies will work. Currently, our entire civilization is structured around the concept that it is somehow just or equitable for a relatively few people to control all others and to do so for their personal glory and profit. Those structures are little more than slavery or serfdom in sheep’s clothing. All were conceived of and funded by cabals with hidden agendas beyond those regularly stated publicly. Under no circumstance is it just, truthful, or wise for billions to struggle and despair so a few can be fabulously rich and powerful at everyone else’s expense. The end-results of both communism and capitalism are the same. A few conspire to impose unjust control over everyone else to gain wealth and power. The methods, deceptions, and outward appearances may vary, but the end-results are the same. Everyone struggles under a yoke imposed by a few arrogant men who live like royalty while most despair and work like slaves.

On the other hand, an ideal civilization and societal structure would identify the primary goals and conditions necessary to wisely benefit everyone without fail. There would be cooperation in all things. There would be no concepts such as money, politics, and religion that cause everyone to struggle unnecessarily. There would be an unwavering focus and emphasis on unequivocal Truth and Justice. Wisdom and compassion would be proactively planned and unwaveringly implemented in every effort and activity. There would be no hunger, homelessness, violence, gross inequalities, or inequities permitted. Both society and each individual would strive to do and support those things that would guarantee the elimination and prevention of the excesses and injustices we see in today’s world. We would all cooperate to ensure they are unheard of ever again. It would be viewed as an utter failure if a single individual anywhere were without food, education, healthcare, clothing, comfort, or other necessities. Mere abstract concepts such as nations, bureaucracies, corporations, governments, money, or economies would never be given more importance than the lives and well being of people and other life forms. Furthermore, such concepts would cease to exist and would be replaced with sane, just, and wise societal structures that benefit people, not punitively punish and oppress them.

A wise social contract would encourage freewill participation in civilization and society with the understanding that everyone would benefit and no one would be treated unjustly. Currently, people are rewarded for working, supporting and participating in today’s dysfunctional societies by earning varying amounts of money. After that, you must then struggle further with the problems caused by the existence of money and its perpetually short supply. Furthermore, money continually loses value and is subject to surcharges such as taxes, inflation, interest, fraud, and crime. Consequently, you have to work to stretch and retain your money after you’ve already slaved to acquire it. In other words, instead of a society that takes care of the people that labor to create, maintain and operate it, we are instead given more troubles and struggles in exchange for our long hours of labor on a job. To be blunt, our societies are structured to serve the most evil, greedy, deceptive, and arrogant among us and to treat everyone else like children and slaves, all for the sake of money and materialism.

In the ideal scenario, society would exist for the sole benefit of its individuals and not for itself. Societies and organizing bodies have no life of their own outside of their members. They are conceptual constructs that only exist because people agree to participate and maintain their existence. Everything that flows from the existence of a society should be for the collective benefit of its members. Accordingly, the exchange for participating in any form, whether it is labor, art, education, research, or whatever else is necessary and desirable, would be a life where everything is freely available to everyone, without fail. Furthermore, society would strive to permit people to participate as little or as much as they personally desired, without any punitive measures whatsoever. In this age of great knowledge and high technology we can feed, clothe, educate, house, and support everyone with a mere fraction of the efforts and resources currently expended. With the elimination of money, we could automate a wide range of activities without the need to worry about jobs, unions, politics and the like. Furthermore, without the constant pressures to pay bills, generate profits, and grow economies we could create things that lasted and rarely broke and then share them among ourselves. We could dramatically reduce the difficulty of life and the great harm that flows from the grand excesses and wasted efforts, energy, and resources in our current civilization.

With a clear understanding of how unjust, inefficient, and fraudulent the entire concept of money truly is, people can now strive to establish a new social and societal contract based on truth, justice, wisdom, and compassion. We already know which activities are required to keep society and civilization operating. We also know which things make life unnecessarily difficult, unrewarding, and unhealthy. When we eliminate money, religion, politics, and all the side effects of their existence, it’ll be very easy to see what remains and to choose what is truly important in life. Instead of expecting money in exchange for labor and all of the trouble it represents afterwards, we can participate and cooperate to create a true paradise where everything is free and there is virtually no crime, conflict, or gross inequities.

Think about it: The current system is based upon receiving money in exchange for labor and then having to fend for ourselves afterward. Instead, we’ll change the equation by reversing the focus, reward system, and the purpose for participation. We’ll instead cooperate to establish and maintain civilization, societies, and social structures that have the primary purpose of producing and providing what is necessary so everyone everywhere has everything necessary, without equivocation and without fail. We’ll cooperate to refocus the efforts, energy, and resources currently wasted supporting the concept of money and its myriad negative side effects, such as crime, bureaucracies, conflict, greed, injustice, pollution, and virtual slavery to deceptive concepts and the evil cabals that impose them. When people finally see the wisdom in providing their labor and intellectual products freely and for the betterment of everyone, then everything people need for a healthy, happy, and rewarding life will be free. When no one has to worry about being hungry, homeless, and inadequately clothed or educated, the root causes of greed, injustice, crime, and conflict will have been eliminated and prevented.

Now back to the topic of the Great Deception. Why do you think the backs of the USA national seal and the one-dollar bill are the same as the symbol of the super-secret Illuminati? The Illuminati and all such secret societies are yet more Vatican-sponsored and controlled deceptions. The symbol of the Pyramid and Shining Eye is the same as the symbol for the ancient Priesthood of Marduk and the Great Red Dragon of Ancient Babylon. It is one of the keys to understanding the symbolism of Mystery Babylon put forth within The Apocalypse and elsewhere. This ancient Priesthood created money and usury (banking, credit, and currency speculation, etc.) thousands of years ago. Since then, they have gone forth to forge and control empires through the control of money, religion and politics. Is there any doubt why money always seems to help the most evil and greedy among us and bedevil good people and good things? Is there any doubt why money always seems easy to acquire for evil despots–yet extremely difficult and unrewarding for the good, the just and the wise? Is there still any doubt that the Vatican and the Papacy are truly evil and their facade of religion is just a cover to hide the evil remnant of the Roman Empire that secretly controls Planet Earth?

Because of money, up to 90% of all the resources and effort of our civilization goes to support money itself and the side effects and requirements of its existence. It causes all of the unnecessary overhead, complexity, despair, crime, greed, wars, terrorism, and other afflictions that its existence spawns and always directly supports. Without money, there would be no need for huge buildings and organizations that sit empty at night while living people starve and go homeless. Skyscrapers, temples, churches, cathedrals, banks, sales and advertising organizations, warehouses, military bases, businesses, vast government bureaucracies, and more are given more respect than living beings. There would be no need for armies, police forces, vast prison complexes, the majority of our legal system, lawyers, accountants, insurance, sales people, or corporations. Most of our energy use, pollution, planned obsolescence, government waste and activities, deception, falsehood, crime, greed, and much, much more simply would not exist without the requirement of money. Imposing this unnecessary and fraudulent delusion is evil beyond compare. Look at our cities; these are monuments to massive evil and far too many people worship them as if they were gods. Because of money, millions are in prisons and many governments fight a pointless drug war. Blatantly evil corporations poison the Earth and regularly overcome our best efforts to stop them while people simply seeking relief from the great evil in our world are hunted down and imprisoned like animals.

Without money, evil and greedy scoundrels could no longer create and perpetuate poverty and thereby force people to work for them just to survive. Without money, militaries could neither be built nor manned by people who have been deceived into thinking they need money to survive or buy the latest material lures and traps. We have all been completely and utterly deceived for a very long time. Once you truly understand that statement, you can truly understand that we must all now step beyond this delusion together, grow wiser and do what is right for all people everywhere.

We must all decide to cooperate to end all money everywhere, starting immediately. Money is what permits evil to flourish. It always causes good people and good things to struggle and languish. Money is the official symbol (image) of greed. In conjunction with religion (hero worship and strong delusion) and politics (organized greed, hero worship and injustice), these three are the primary activities that cause us all to struggle and despair. Of all of these, money is the key to ending the power of evil and freeing us from the slavery and captivity that it permits.

Now, visualize a world where everything is free: where there are no taxes, bills, insurance, banks, billionaires, despots, wars, crime, homelessness, poverty, greed, politics, religions, rent, mortgages, armies, police forces, patents, copyrights, bureaucracies, corporations, etc. Where we all do what is necessary and right, so everyone else is happy, healthy and well educated. And we do this voluntarily because we now finally understand that it’s necessary. That it prevents the return of such great evil, ever again. Also, because simply cooperating and helping each other is exponentially easier than this evil and brain-dead civilization that we currently struggle within.

When you stop thinking about yourself only and live your lives to help others, then everyone is looking out for everyone else. Currently, you must look out for your own survival and comfort and you do this by lusting after and/or slaving for money. Now visualize a world where there are billions of others, intimately and unceasingly guaranteeing that you are safe, sound, healthy, well fed, comfortable, enjoying the benefits of a cooperative civilization cleansed of greed and the evil it spawns. Now do the math: One person forever struggling for their own success and safety in life or billions cooperating to guarantee that every single individual everywhere is well taken care of. Contemplate everyone participating in a new social covenant and ensuring that hunger, homelessness, despair, suffering, greed, poverty, crime, conflict and their ilk are simply impossible and unheard of, ever again. Personally, I’d call that world a true paradise! Isn’t it worth changing long-held attitudes and viewpoints to attain and protect life in Paradise?

Now that you understand the truth about money, the time has come to understand some of the hidden mysteries, as well. It’s bad enough that the simple existence of money and greed alone causes life to be exponentially more difficult than it should be. But when you also understand that those who conceived and control money gained their positions of power through millennia of great evil and great deception, that sinking feeling in your gut only gets worse. They have accumulated great experience at constructing and concealing the nature of these lures and traps. They are too entrenched, too well organized and too arrogant to ever defeat while money still exists! Now I’ll let you in on a great secret about how those who conceived money have organized the world’s financial systems to rig the game against everyone except those at the top of the secret societies.

I’ll repeat a very important fact here again: Money and banking were created in ancient Babylon by the Priesthood of Marduk (a.k.a. Baal, Bel, Belial). In ancient Babylon, the Chief Priesthood controlled all banking, money and financial systems; they also controlled all religion. This combination gave them great wealth and power, which they used to control and manipulate politics and governance and forge empires. In short, they built and controlled the empire by controlling all religion, politics and money. The great secret here is that this very same secretive cabal continued to control subsequent empires–in the exact same manner–as one empire gobbled up the next, right on through the Roman Empire. When the Western Roman Empire fell, they simply changed their outward appearance by adopting Christianity as their new primary religion for controlling the masses.

Are you following me here? The Priesthood of Belial (Satan and Lucifer), that secretly controlled the Babylonian, Persian, Greek and the Roman Empire, created and adopted Christianity as their primary religion, but not their only one. Just as during earlier empires, they sought to–and succeeded at–subjugating and controlling all religions, all money and all politics. They eventually changed their name to the Vatican and then re-established control over Eurasia through the same old methods. Only this time their chief religion was Christianity. They also controlled Judaism and were behind the creation of Islam. They controlled colonial Europe openly until they were dealt an apparent deathblow started in 1798 by Napoleon conquering Italy and killing the Pope and continued by democratic and anti-monarchial tides of change. After that, they were forced to go underground and operate in near total secrecy. Now they seemingly only exist as a religious organization that we now know as the Vatican and Papacy.

Ever wonder why a so-called religious organization has its own super-secret banking system, intelligence forces and government? Ever wonder why this so-called religious organization is so overwhelmingly rich and greedy while millions starve and suffer? Ever wonder why this so-called religious organization can still compel so many world leaders to publicly kiss the Pope’s ring? This represents a level of deception that boggles the mind. These scoundrels control the world through great deception, fraud and cruelty, and are so arrogant and duplicitous that they preach morality while committing abominable evil.

Now, refocus on the rest of the world. We see our world still beset by religious strife and political deception, driven by money and greed. These are the same three great delusions that were merged in ancient Babylon into a secret method of forging and controlling empires. Now we see money, religion and politics still controlling the entire world. We clearly see the great level of evil, struggle, despair, warfare, violence, greed, and more still engulfing our planet. We see all of the same old problems of bloodshed, poverty, and great injustice (iniquity) and we see a powerful religious city-state, with a medieval mindset, arrogantly dictating morality and somehow thinking it has the right to interfere in politics and governance. We see the Vatican with its gold-lined walls and cathedrals as the most obvious, blatant, and obscene display of wealth and greed anywhere.

We all know the Vatican acquired and accumulated great wealth from the European colonial and imperial expansions (primarily by Spain, Britain and France) and the genocide of millions upon millions of people the world over. Unknown to most, the Vatican has always secretly invested in the USA and elsewhere in the New World. It directly profited from American Manifest Destiny, which, when stripped of the spin, was nothing more than conquest and genocide for profit. Everywhere the colonizers went, genocide occurred in their lust for riches. Significant portions of that wealth found its way into Vatican coffers and they still profit because of the lands and people exploited by Christians. Those who created Christianity hypocritically cast themselves as some sort of moral bastion and the Vatican and its cohorts and nations have accumulated great wealth because of centuries of purposeful genocide and injustice unparalleled in human history.

The very same cabal that started as the Priesthood of the Great Red Dragon in ancient Babylon and that secretly drove the expansion and excesses of the Roman Empire is now called the Vatican. That very same cabal caused people to be massacred and burned at the stake for not submitting to their evil and blatant lies, while operating behind the guise of Christianity. That very same cabal controls the super-secret Illuminati that have been proven, repeatedly, to worship Lucifer and lust after wealth and power. It is also widespread knowledge that our presidents and world leaders are members of these secret cabals. Unbeknownst to any but a small handful, those secret societies are directly, albeit secretly, controlled by the Vatican and Papacy. Ask yourselves again: Why would the Vatican/Papacy lead a super-secret organization that worships Lucifer and profits through warfare and destruction? Here is wisdom!

Now we see the Vatican, still involved in world politics, richer than ever and still in power. The world is still beset by the very same evils that have always characterized the Vatican. The very same evils they blatantly and openly instigated and controlled for 1260 years until Napoleon and European democratic movements dealt them an apparent deathblow, which true to prophecy, was only a temporary setback. Only now, no one seems to know who’s really in control of Planet Earth. Yet, we see George W. Bush, Tony Blair and all world leaders visiting and bowing to the Pope and kissing his “damned” ring. We see George W. Bush openly committing treason by publicly seeking the help of a foreign power (the Vatican) to assist his reelection efforts. Yet, no major news organization has publicly questioned the legality of this most blatant and illegal gaffe. We clearly see politics, religion and international banking closing the noose on all of our freedoms, as if we simply don’t matter. All the while, clueless people still wonder where the hidden evil is that rules Planet Earth. Deluded Christians still haggle over which branch of Christianity is really the source of evil or good, while completely ignoring the fact that the Roman Empire created the Bible and the so-called New Testament that they all worship. They blindly ignore the glaring fact that the New Testament contradicts almost everything it says and regularly speaks in circles, which means it’s full of lies and deception. It also means that Christians are foolishly worshipping lies fashioned by the Roman Empire and the ancient Priesthood of Belial. All the while, they hound and bedevil others who have already understood enough to walk away from such strong delusion. Truth and Justice are clearly not a high priority in the history of Christianity and especially not to the Vatican and Papacy. That’s why faith and belief are so vitally important to them. If you look beyond their assertions, you always encounter fraud and lies, without fail.

Now, understand the following material to see just how vile these secretive evil scoundrels are that control international banking and all money, while constantly lecturing us on their false morality. These are blood-drenched, gold-hoarding, child-raping scum who have the gall to lecture other people on morality. It’s truly amazing that so many people are so deluded that they still think the Vatican, Papacy, Christianity, or any religion is truly representative of a wise and compassionate Creator. This is the very same evil cabal that funded Hitler and the Nazis, through the Bush family and other bankers and henchmen; and who took profits from genocide and world wars–just as they did during the colonial years, the Inquisition and Crusades. They instigated the genocide of WWI and WWII. Likewise, they use Jews as scapegoats and cannon fodder to hide the truth about who controls all international banking (money), religion and politics–just as they have since the days of Babylon.

We see Bush, Blair and Berlusconi, like peas in a pod, conspiring to lie about why they invaded Iraq. Now, whom do you really think is pulling the strings behind all of this evil? Is there any other super-rich, super-secretive group that is still in power after more than 5000 years, that has always controlled money, religion and politics, except the Vatican? It’s bad enough that money increases the difficulty of life by its very existence. As you’ll see below, worldwide banking and national currencies have been purposely organized to magnify their negative effects while guaranteeing the success of a chosen few. A Portrait of Evil: Exposing the Grand Deception