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Santacon 2005, New York City, Dec. 10, 2005

Santa wrote:

Santacon 2005
New York City, Dec. 10, 2005

Tomorrow is the first day of December! And you all
know what that
To prepare yourselves for NYC SantaCon 2005, taking
place — and
taking over! — on Saturday, December 10, Santa has
a few favors to
— Santa is experiencing a paper shortage up here at
the North Pole and
would LOVE it if a local Santa (or a dozen!) with
free, unfettered
access to a xerox machine could print out a bunch of
the "official"
Santa Songbooks. The lovely, pre-packaged file can
be downloaded:
Feel free to plug in your OWN photo and be a
SantaCon Star!

— Crafty Santas interested in creating pornaments,
holiday greeting
cards or other gifties to hand out along the Santa
route are invited
to attend tonight's Santa Crafting Party at Happy
Hour. Show up around
7pm at Delancey Lounge, Delancey just east of
Clinton armed with
construction paper, porn, baubles, bangles and
blinkies, candy, coal
or other assorted gewgaws. We will make magic! Oh,
and Kostume Kult is
bringing BAGS of Santa shwag for sale, cheap! If you
need a Santa suit
or other accessories, show up EARLY!

— Santa loves to see a huge SEA of Santas at
SantaCon! To help make
that happen, Santa would appreciate it if you'd all
forward the
SantaCon info to your friends! Send your friends to
to be in the Santa loop!

— Once you and your friends are all on board for the
24 hours of Santa
insanity, please synch up your Santa cell phones to
find each other,
so there's less stress on Santa and the hotline.

Thanks for the Ho-Ho-Help!