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Favela Rising

Anonymous Comrade writes:

Favela Rising

If you don't know, I wanted to let you know that Favela Rising has been shortlisted for an Academy Award. To fully disclose, I am working with the directors to let people know about this film.

If you are not aware of the story, Jeff Zimbalist and Matt Mochary put together a documentary on the AfroReggae movement spreading throughout the favelas in Rio de Janeiro. The film focuses on Anderson SA, who had an social and political awakening when his brother is killed by a hand grenade tossed into a bar by a corrupt cop. SA then started the AfroReggae music movement as an alternative to joining the favela druglord gangs for the youth of his community.If the film succeeds further, Jeff and Matt are giving all profits back to the community and AfroReggae. Favela Rising has already taken first at the International Documentary Association. The directors are hoping that it takes a top 5 nomination spot at the Academy to increase chances of circulation in Brazil.

Right now, the favelas are subject to a media blackout. After the murder of a journalist, the media conglomerate that runs Brazilian public media will not allow anyone to cover the communities. No one is able to witness what is going on inside where gangs of druglords and corrupt police terrorize an innocent population. Stereotypes of a criminal haven rule the day and ignore the fact that the vast majority of the inhabitants are hard working people who only need education and opportunities. Favela Rising could go a long way to helping get the word out.

I just wanted to let you know.