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RIP Carmen Rubio

Eric Goldhagen writes:

On Thursday November 24 2005 the struggle for justice and fair housing lost one of its greatest fighters, Carmen Rubio.

Among the many gifts she gave to the community on the Lower East Side is the Children's Magical Garden, a once rubble strewn lot that she and her life partner Alfredo Felicanio transformed into a beautiful space for the children of the community.Carmen will be remembered fondly by the thousands of people she helped save from eviction; the children who played in the garden; the youth that learned super-8 movie making from her at ABC No Rio and I imagine even a few of the landlords that learned, from the opposing side of the table, to respect her spirit and honesty.

May her spirit live on in the actions of all those who fight for affordable housing and economic justice.

When I invited Carmen to my wedding, she said to me "I'm going to do my best to attend, but I don't know if I will be on this earth that long." That was the first and only time she spoke of just how ill she was. It was the greatest honor and gift that she was able to attend my wedding last weekend; to see her happy and surrounded by her
community one last time.

She kept working, helping form tenant's associations and push for fair housing legislation, until hours before her passing away. Her life's work made this world a better place, as will the work of all those that have been inspired and motivated by her.

Keep the struggle alive!