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Three Arrested in CNN Protests, Atlanta

Police Arrest Three Men After Protest Over CNN's War Coverage

(AP, November 11, 2001)

ATLANTA -- About 200 people rallied against CNN's coverage of the war in
Afghanistan, leading to three arrests.

"CNN, half the story, all the time," they chanted Saturday at CNN

The protesters said millions of refugees and residents in Afghanistan
face starvation but CNN isn't telling the story.

A network spokeswoman did not return a call seeking comment on Sunday.

Several of the demonstrators wore bandanas over their faces.

George Ward, 21, from Columbia County, was charged with criminal
trespass. Samuel Sabel, 21, from Montgomery, Ala., was charged with
violating Georgia's anti-mask law, which dates from the height of the Ku
Klux Klan era, along with simple battery and obstruction. Matthew James
Wallace, 20, of North Carolina, was also charged with violating the
anti-mask law.