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Details on American Airlines Airbus Crash in Far Rockaways, NYC

Anonymous Comrade writes: "An eyewitness reports an explosion on the right side of the plane (I believe
it is a 767/A300 airbus with 246 passengers and 9 crew members) where the
wing joins the body of the plane. Another witness reports debris falling
from the sky before the plane crashed. There are two crash sites, one being
the spot where most of the plane crashed and another where one of the
engines crashed. I do not know if the wing came off the plane, but
eyewitnesses report seeing the plane fall out of the sky after the explosion
in a way that sounded like how a dove falls after being hit with shot. It
reportedly fell to the left, which leads me to suspect that the right wing
detached, along with the two separate crash sites. I am no expert, but I am
unfamiliar with what sort of mechanical failure would cause an explosion
where the wing meets the body. Perhaps the engine exploded and the way it
blew out caused the appearance of an explosion in the right side of the body
of the plane. I tried to access MSNBC as soon as a colleague told me about
the crash and I heard something about the jets having not been scrambled,
but then the network choked up on me, so I do not know what this was in
reference to. The BBC is reporting a military plane circling the crash site,
but that the Pentagon says they had no indication of any problems with the
plane before it crashed. The airbus was headed to Santa Domingo, so it was
full of fuel. Several buildings on the ground are on fire. The crash site is
a heavily populated residential part of Queens."