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Labor Notes Trouble Makers Training NYC November 12

Labor Notes Trouble Makers Training NYC November 12

Labor Notes is hosting a
New York Troublemakers' School! Join workers from around the city and
share ideas about how to fight back against unfair or abusive
employers. Learn on-the-job organizing skills, build networks with
other workplace activists, and meet some of the folks featured in A
Troublemaker's Handbook 2, new this year from Labor Notes.

When? Saturday November 12, 9:00am-7:00pm

Where? Borough of Manhattan Community College, 199 Chambers St. (in
lower Manhattan), Room N402.

Workshops will include:

Developing New Leaders: How do we get our co-workers to take
responsibility for fighting back at work and building a strong union?
This workshop will deal with the problem of turning sympathetic
co-workers into leaders and organizers on the job.

Mobilizing around Health and Safety: Health and safety problems
aren't just issues to grieve-- since these problems can affect all of
your co-workers, they can also create opportunities to organize. Come
learn how to mobilize around health and safety issues on the job.

Continuous Bargaining: Is management making changes to the workplace
that have negative impacts on you, your co-workers, and your union?
New technologies, new management policies, and new ways of organizing
work increase stress, eliminate jobs, and weaken unions. In this
workshop we will examine these changes and discuss "Continuous
Bargaining," a strategic approach to building our unions and
protecting workers in a changing workplace.

Working to Rule: Even when we can't go on strike, workers have the
power to win gains on the job and in negotiations with the boss. This
workshop will deal with different ways to pressure management from
within the workplace.

Fighting Racism and Building Unity at Work: No matter where you work,
chances are you have a multi-racial workplace. Bosses often use race
to keep workers divided; these racial divisions can keep workers from
building power on the job. Come learn about different ways to fight
racism at work.

REGISTRATION is $25, with discounts for groups and low income
workers. Space is limited, so sign up today by calling 718-284-4144
or emailing william@labornotes.org. For more information, call Labor
Notes co-editor William Johnson at 718-284-4144 or email



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