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Faith Schools

What is the idea of faith schools? Here in the United Kingdom we have just witnessed days of violent clashes between Asian and Black youths on the streets of Birmingham. The underlying problem appearing to be racism between the two groups.

How do we avoid such tension between groups. Obviously poverty and the lack of oppurtunities available to young men is part of the problem. One way of solving the problem I believe would to be sure that all races black, white, muslim, christian are able to mingle together from as early an age as possible. The idea that a school can be based around ones faith is appaling and should not be allowed. We have institutions already that are dedicated to educating people in their beliefs, churches, mosques etc. Why then should we segregate our youth further?

Is it not already enough that our minorities feel prejudiced enough without seperating them further from mainstream society. The battle against racism and intolerance is still being fought and will still be being fought for along time into the future. It will not be an easy fight, it never has been but through education and non-faith schools we can make a start.