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Come to Ottawa! November 16-18

Here's a mainstream article that might inspire you to COME TO OTTAWA FROM
NOV. 16-18th!!

They say that they expect 5,000 protesters. Let's prove them wrong and
surprise the Ottawa Police with 20,000.

It's time to take a stand again.....no more hiding behind "vigils".


please forward....

Anarchists vow to shut down G-20, others pledge peaceful protests

OTTAWA (CP) - Anarchists are threatening to shut down the G-20 meeting which
opens in Ottawa next Friday, and protest organizers are preparing for the
possibility of arrests and injuries. While most protest groups say they are
committed to peaceful tactics, some anarchists are striking a more militant

"We propose that we attempt to shut down the IMF/WB/G-20 meetings as well as
we can, by snake marching militantly through the downtown core of Ottawa,"
says a Toronto group called The Black Touta.

The Ottawa conference - the first major meeting of the top global finance
organizations since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks - is seen as a crucial
test of the politics of dissent in the new political environment.

"People are getting prepared, the organizers are working day and night,"
said Alan Keane of Co-Motion, a Vancouver-based group. "We are expecting
lots of people to show up."

Almost all of the approximately 40 groups involved in the protest
preparations say they are committed to non-violent tactics, but there is
nothing mild about the rhetoric.

"In the aftermath of Sept. 11, the World Bank, the IMF and the G-20 have not
stopped or slowed their agenda of injustice, racism and despair," says the
web site of Global Democracy Ottawa, the co-ordinating group.

"Now more than ever we must vocally and actively work to tear down the
systems of death and oppression that surround us and lift up a vision for a
better world."

Global Democracy Ottawa has set up an elaborate organization to provide
protesters with tactical training, co-ordination and legal and medical

"We'll be tracking who's been arrested, whether they have special medical
needs, and providing jail support so their families, their affinity groups,
know where they are," said Sarah Dover, an activist on the legal committee.

Volunteers are being trained in first aid in case there are injuries.

A major new element for the anti-globalization movement since Sept. 11 is
the introduction of federal anti-terror legislation, which many protesters
fear will be used against them.

"Once the anti-terrorism bill passes, the RCMP will have the power to
wiretap anyone's phone, or read anyone's e-mail, just because they suspect
them to be a terrorist," the group Black Bloc says on its Web site.

It also proposes to shut down the meeting.

"In Ottawa, we have the potential to dictate a message to the masses," it

"When people see that we continue to mobilize even during a 'war-time,' it
does nothing but strengthen the power of our collective voice. Solidarity is
our strongest weapon against the inevitable police repression."

Matt Takach, a member of Carleton University Green Party, said U.S.
activists have been participating in the planning meetings.

Activists are reluctant to predict how many protesters will turn out: Dover
said the number will be between 500 and 5,000, while Takach guessed 2,000.

Staff Sgt. Leg Ganveau of Ottawa police said the protests won't be nearly as
large as those in Quebec City in April, since the G-20 meeting does not
involve heads of state.

He said there are no plans to erect a fence, but some city streets will be
blocked to traffic with low concrete barricades. He also said police are
exploring avenues for communication with protest leaders.