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The Nietzschean creative No in Hardt/Negri

I came across this passage in a Zizek article today: "Negri and Hardt continuously oscillate between their fascination by the global capitalism's "deterritorializing" power, and the rhetoric of the struggle of the multitude against the One of the capitalist power. The financial capital with its wild speculations detached from the reality of material labor, this standard bete noire of the traditional Left, is celebrated as the germ of the future, capitalism's most dynamic and nomadic aspect." http://www.lacan.com/zizmultitude.htm

I see two concepts that attract my attention. The first is the tension, the multitude against the one. This reminds me of Genealogy of Morals where Nietzsche writes about the suspension struggles between power complexes and its relation to the internalization that occurs in slave morality. The second concept that interests me is the "germ of the future."

Could the current state of capital lead to a refusal, a No, that gives birth to a new beginning? If our refusal, our No, is strong enough could it become a thousand creative Yeses?