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Turkish Conscientious Objector Mehmet Tarhan sentenced

karakafa writes
Historical punishment for Mehmet Tarhan

Conscientious Objector (CO) Mehmet Tarhan, whose trial has been going on for over 4,5 months already by the Military Court of Justice, has been imprisoned to a historical punishment. In the court hearing that joined two seperate claims that are namely "Insubordination before command" and "Insubordination before command for trying to escape from military service" pursuant Art. 88 of the Turkish Penal Military Code, Mehmet Tarhan was sentenced to a four (4) years of jail, 2 years from each claim.

Sivas Military Court of Justice has not yet declared the justification for the decision. Suna Coskun, attorney of Mehmet Tarhan, expressed that this is the toughest imprisonment decision taken in Turkey towards CO's and explained that right after the declaration of the justification for the sentence, they will appeal to The Supreme Court of military appeals for cassation. "Mehmet can not be deported from Sivas until the justification is declared" told Suna Coskun and expressed that Mehmet is in good health, good mood and received the decision in a dignified tone.

It is expressed that for Mehmet Tarhan, who has been in good health during the hearing, the execution of the jail sentence will last for 19 months in military prison.

Istanbul Initiative for Solidarity with Mehmet Tarhan.