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Pacifica Radio Deal Jeopardized by Info Leak

Anonymous Comrade writes: The SF Examiner is running a story titled " KPFA-Pacifica radio deal on rocks after details leaked

The story states that the terms of the settlement of four lawsuits filed against Pacifica
Foundation, parent organization to KPFA radio, were leaked Monday by
KPFA radio host Larry Bensky, putting the agreement hammered out
between the two sides in jeopardy.

East Bay attorney Dan Siegel, representing Pacifica's Local Area
Boards (LABs) in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York and Washington,
D.C., was mortified to find out that the deal, which was under gag
order, had been released to the media.

"This could endanger the entire mediation," she said plaintively.
"We're in very grave danger."