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A propos the sequesters (of things and people)

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A propos the sequesters (of things and people)

Published on the Internet, May 27 2005

As part of the latest repressive operation against anarchist comrades, on the orders of the Rome and Bologna magistrates, the State Police has blocked the Croce Nera Anarchica (Anarchist Black Cross) page which is hosted by the Filiarmonici website.
We are not interested in recriminations regarding the web closure or in expressing empty solidarity in words to the comrades trapped on this occasion by the justice net; Filiarmonici is a site that seeks to document just how detailed and extensive is the way in which present-day society, all over the world and not just in Italy, has turned into a prison, and how consequently the traditional repressive institutions, the prisons, courts, mental hospitals, are the material foundations and the most social and socialising moments of this prison society.Because of this, it seemed to us fully consistent with our aims and almost natural for us to host to an initiative like Crocenera Anarchica, whose own aims have now been blacked out by the State Police (see http://www.filiarmonici.org/crocenera.html
) but that, surely, both on the web and off, are well known or easily discovered in hundreds of other places, thus making superfluous the action of those who intend to arrest freedom by placing a veil with the badge of the republic here and there. It was natural for Croce Nera to be given this space, as we have already declared, and we repeat here, that we are ready to offer space to similar initiatives against social prisons and against the prison society.

Starting with the analysis of the existence which is at the core of the Filamornici project, we obviously don?t pretend we are surprised by an inquiry that seem to be a thinly-disguised replica of other previous similar enquiries, which have disappeared into the void after having randomly handed out prison sentences, confinement, and so on. This time too, we could say the attitude is the same, based on the reasoning by which, considering that only a few cry out that the need for revolution is urgent, actual, these few cannot avoid dealing with those who, maybe even living in the same areas, attempt, with more or less effectiveness, to demonstrate against oppression, so much of which surrounds us on every side.
An organisation, at the same time totalitarian and wholly internal to the democratic mechanisms of obligatory consensus, where the real hope is the usual one of national proceedings.

By means of blackmail and threats, sooner or later some "repentant comrade" will jump out to say what is needed to be said, the revolution is impossible and the revolutionaries are only a few, and already notified and assured to justice. From written words and from words heard in the dark, action can be derived. The freedom of speech - and for those who see in what state the world is, this is not surprising - is precisely an Orwellian inversion, one of the many of the forces of law and order, the ministry of education, of health, of civil protection, so delirious in their neo-language of submission and passivity.

Vice versa, we reaffirm here, to confirm ourselves in that passion that animates so many, to warn those whose who still retain a belief that such a decomposed and pathogenic society can be saved, to express our undying disgust for those who have chosen to dedicate what passes for their lives at the service of reciprocal oppression, that there is no freedom of speech which is not, in itself, subversive to any society founded on oblivion, silence, slavishness and religious, family or national alienation.

We affirm that as long as there is one free woman or one free man, his or her words will be, both in content and simply by its very existence, subversive of any captive order. And as long as there is someone who speaks, it will be to say (in many places and in hundreds of languages) this: to forbid speech by means of closing down organs of information and prison sentences is a sign of an impotent, dying system, so flimsy and falsified that it cannot allow itself even the fiction of justifying itself to the eyes of the blind.
Let free voices be heard from everywhere, let them echo everywhere, within and outside the information networks, and let the servants hurry up and renounce their activities as the bulwark of a lying and moribund society where everybody is forced to be his or her own policeman, his or her neighbour's policeman, prisoner of his or her self or his or her neighbour.

The best way to express what we feel in this moment seems to be to repeat the motto upon which the Filiarmonici project was born and upon which it still continues to exit: FOR A WORLD WITHOUT PRISONS.

With these simple words we met in the past with the arrested comrades. Around these simple words we have come across many others over time, today as yesterday. There are many, yesterday and today, who recognise themselves in these words, going well beyond our circle of friends and acquaintances.

Never will arrests, searches or closures eliminate the idea of a world without prisons.

Filiarmonici - for a world without prison, May 27 2005"