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Women in the Road Blockades and Self-Managed Enterprises

Robert Augman writes
"Special Event:Women in the Road Blockades and Self-Managed Enterprises:
A Multi-Media Presentation by Graciela Monteagudo on the Economic Crisis and Social Movements in Argentina

In the mid-90’s, when IMF recipes rendered 26% of Argentina’s population unemployed, women were the first to take over the highways bringing international attention to the desperate situation of masses of families without income nor welfare programs to care for their basic needs. It was women too who started the first self-managed enterprises (bakeries, sewing shops, organic gardens) in neighborhoods all over the country where unemployment rose to 80%.

Women in the Road Blockades is a multi-media presentation that frames these women’s lives in a comprehensive socio-historic background of Argentina’s social movements through the use of puppets, songs, video clips and other media.

Thursday, April 21st 2005, 6-8pm
New School University - 55 W 13th Street, Student Activity Space, Room 101

*This is a free event, presented by the Argentina Autonomista Project, and sponsored by the Eugene Lang Student Union.