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Nixon's Subliminal CIA Tricks

Autonomous Comrade writes:The San Fancisco Bay Guardian has an interesting article that is worth a read, titled Nixon's subliminal CIA tricks

here's an excerpt, read the entire thing using the link above.

As it turns out, the Bush team was not the first to contemplate using subliminal projection to sway voters. During the mid-'50s, then-Vice President Richard Nixon became curious when he got wind of CIA testing of subliminal manipulation for espionage purposes.

Nixon never explained to what extent, if any, he actually pursued using subliminal techniques during any of his election campaigns. And the CIA remains mum on the issue. Most MK-ULTRA documents were summarily destroyed on orders of outgoing CIA chief Richard Helms in 1973. The files were shredded because of "a burgeoning paper problem," according to Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, the sorcerer-spook who ran the MK-ULTRA program. Gottlieb admitted as much when he testified at a 1977 Senate hearing on CIA mind control scandals. Gottlieb was never grilled about the CIA's subliminal research.