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Manifest Destiny via gunbarrel

Recently we've been saturating the T.V. airways with alot of ultra-pro war propaganda.Not just carefully slanted news,but so-called 'educational'programs feature these same 'Gotta Kill 'em Before They Kill Us' mind set.

The most recent send up was on our 'Secret Forces'.Just like the film 'Men in Black', these folks go by initials only,and, just like the by-gone days of the American West,their job is the same; Move in with the people,make friends,indoctrinate, then murder all those whom stand in the way of the stated mission.This time we call them Al-Queda,Extremists,and insurgents.In the old days they were just 'Hostiles' and 'Renagades'.

Well the names have changed along with the dates,but, the tactics are still the same. You take a young man or woman, fill their heads with so much 'Gung-Ho' attitude that they believe the sunrise could be the enemy and 'sic 'em' on someone.That's actually an oversimplified statement.It takes alot to ruin a culture.

Firstly you get folks on the inside,you know,really make the people think you're on their side.Maybe even learn a few basic words in their language like ;'Thank-you' or 'Friend'.Then find a few souls that are willing to give you the benifit of the doubt and accept you as 'friend'. All the while,learning the weaknesses,the strengths,locations of food stores,defensive stores,the how's and why's of folks actions and reactions to eachother within that culture.Then after you know all that,you can devise a removal plan for the inhabitants.and an aquisition plan for the resourses and valuables.Then hand out awards and decorations to 'The Vanquishers' thus completing the Nation Building.

This is going on right now in Iraq,Afganistan, Columbia,and smaller nations,but a short look backwards can tell us how little things have really changed.

In the American Northeast we moved in with the Nations,learned their ways,acted as friend and brother,and when it was convienient dispose of them.Washington,Jefferson,and Jackson all used Indians for what they could get.If they could'nt kill them off their land,they would swindle them,or force aggreements upon the people that were made with folks whom had no athority to make such deals.It was the open hospitality of the Tribes that made getting information easy. As soon as anything of monetary value was found amongst the People,they were no longer 'Friend' and 'Brother'but rather 'Hostile','Renegade'and favorite of the day...'Bullet Catcher'.

The Cherokee were so 'Civilized' the had Mansions,schools,blacksmithers,and stores within their Nation.What happened? They found gold in 1829,They were 'Removed" by the following year,forced to walk 'The Trail of Tears'.Such is the price of assimilation. The Ho-Chunk and Menominee were displaced by the discovery and subsiquent usage of lead found on their lands,oh yeah, they had a couple trees too. The Cheyenne and Lakota were friends at first,when we only wanted passage through their lands for the 'Iron Horse'Too bad they did'nt know then it was the beginning of the 'Get rid of these Savages' movement,or they may not have waited for the Great Liar,Gen. Custer.I can say that about him because not only was it true,but I'm his Great-Nephew,and that's what he did.He got in with the people,had a family(I'd like to meet my cousins someday)became friend of the People,found gold,screwed them all,and paid the Liar's Price.Uncle Bad...Indians Good.

They went after religion too.Lodges broken down,Spiritual Elders killed,and the 'Mother-of All-Putdowns' the massacre of 300+ Men,Women, Children,and Elders,With WMD,for practicing thier faith at Wounded Knee.The reward for these 'heros' was The Medal of Honor. Slaughter of the helpless has always been worthy of 'honor'amongst the 'Rulership of the Tyrants'.

It has been the continuation of these practices that has formed and still forms our concept of 'Manifest Destiny'The taking of America was just the 'dress rehersal' for world domination.

Great wealth creates great lunacy.The lunacy that you can poison every living thing for money, the lunacy that coersion and intimadation are viable methods of diplomacy,the lunacy that killing is somehow our divine right under the god of the almighty economic denomination.

Have we as a spieces become so droll that acts of violence are our first response,so arrogant that we force people to accept our ways and then dispose of them at our convience,or so blind that see no consequence for heartless actions?

It is possible to manifest a destiny that includes all people.We just have to give up the idea of Peace through Force,I'm sorry, Strength. That coersion is longer lasting than cooperation. That threats of death work better than gaining concensus to solve problems.In short give up the kindergarten attitude of control by force and aquisition by theft.

The Chinese centuries ago knew when they discovered gunpowder,that it would not be good for 'average' thinking people to have.Why? Because these dullards blow things up when they run out of reasons to talk!If the foregoing statement had held sway,Damascas would'nt have invented the gunbarrel in 1050,suits of armour would'nt have been made,the Dutch would'nt have invented barrel-rifiling to penetrate armour,Rulerships would'nt have become so fond of conquest as a way to gain land,wealth,and power without this great substance.Maybe so many would'nt have had to be felled at Gettysburg,or Birmingham,or Kent State.or for that matter WW1, WW2,Korea,Vietnam,Afganistan,Iraq,Chicago or L.A.

How about,just for the sake of life itself,we stop killing.All weapons,the ones the Government owns,both public and secret,weapons held by State,County,Cities and Towns,and all personal defense/hunting weapons be destroyed.

It starts with all the World Governments disarming...everything from handguns to cruise missles to space-based lasers,tanks and warships. Then the States disarm,no lethal ability of any kind.Then and only then would the citizens of the world feel safe enough to disarm themselves and serious dialog could ensue with all the People of the World.

If we allow ourselves a brief second to imagine life without fear of force,the first thing that comes to mind,my mind anyway,is how many hundreds of billions of dollars that won't be spent on feeding the killing machine.That could mean; Everybody would have a safe home. Everybody could have healthcare. Every man,woman,and child would have good food. The water could be made pure. The air could be made healthy to breathe. Dispair would'nt force people to crime or addiction,because there would be the ability to create real oppurturity,true enterprise zones in the inner city with schools with smaller class sizes,better equipment,and better administrations that don't create indroctrinated workforcers but rather respected,wellrounded individuals that are educated and able.

Usually when folks meet each other on the street 'I wanna blow yer head off' is'nt their first thought.Unkind thoughts generally are not our first response.That alone tells us that deep within our being,we know each other to be good,and that is how we really want to treat each other. The deathculture crazies don't want us to be any thing like that,there's no profit in it.

It must be clearly understood...There is no profit in Deathcultuer thinking! Stop supporting the resourses of the rulership.Get out of that thinktank,stick your toes in the mud.Learn to respect life in as many ways you can think of, then stop and look some more,because new ways are abundant.Respect people as people frist.Not because they have money or big guns hanging around their necks,for both of those things make them only slightly better the a shaved ape.

We can change the world as a whole,as a People. We just have to change our minds.Change from being fearful,greedy,toddlers with guns and angry attitudes to Cheerful,Generuos Adults with compassion for all as caretakers of the Earth.

I already know the group I belong to,so you'll find me in the south where the spring is blooming and the fullness of life is comming alive,sharing my life with alll of life where you don't need a gun.