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For Christ's Sake

We have this big 'push' going on lately from so-called "Christian Conservatives'.These are the same kind of yahoo's that washed up on this land 400 yaers ago.They were 'christian' and conservative of their own intrests,and sure of their god-given right to slaughter helpless Elders,women,and children to stake out their chunk of paradise and have the first 'Thanksgiving'.

Today's batch of so-called 'christians'seems to be an arm of governmental control,policy makers and captains of industry.Hardly the 'Life of Poverty' we've been taught it was best to aspire to.By the way,the truest definition of 'poverty' is a life free from lust for money.Not grovelling in food lines and picking bugs out of your flour like we define 'poverty' today.

Now these governmental and 'Corpie' type 'christians' are all over the place.Telling us what to watch,what to wear,whom we should hang out with,whom we should hate,and whom to trust. They have no concern for women's rights,except in the home,or for the caretaking of the Creation.These 'christians' are responsible for poisioning all life.By their Industrial operations and the environmental laws they help get passed by their 'christian' politicians.Whom later make sure fat contracts go out to these same folks,who, in the course of their doings,bring us to this 'christian' war.

I have highlighted the word Christian in this discussion because there is good reason for the diffrence.The actions of the 'Christian Conservatives' are,well...the actions of the Anti-Christ.This statement comes not as an attempt to raise someone's hackles,but after long observation of The Beast.

Would Christ develop an Atom Bomb? I don't think so.Would Christ build a plant that poisons every living thing by it's operation,then pay workers squat on top of endless hours of toil? I think it's safe to say NO.Would Christ weave a ball of lies and deciet and use every possible means of media with full pomp and circumstance to 'Terrorize'people into war? No. These are the actions of those who shit in the face of "Love thy Neighbor" and "Turn the other cheek".

They turn the other cheek only to shield their faces from the blast.They love only the neighbor who can pick up the tab.Their axiom is 'Blessed is he who swings a mighty cross,for he shall aquire the world's wealth" Last time I checked people like that were called 'Blowhards'and their actions were seen as hipocritical.

The big problem with 'Christian Conservatives' isn't their virus-like influence.It's the fact that they are hung-up on horrifying,tortureous death.That's why they worship a mutilated figure,streched on a stick,hungout like last weeks wash.Completely missing the point!!

The man Jesus had to through that hell wrought by men because he taught that WE ARE living beings that never die.He came back to prove it too. Twice actually,because Thomas did'nt believe it till he saw him all hacked up.Some people are just hard to convince.He must have been a conservative.

So this is your notice all you 'christian conservatives'.All your cross waving and bible thumping are meaningless trappings that conceal hearts given over to the blackest of orifices.We see whom you worship with your cruise missle collection plate and M.O.A.B. chalice.

You serve a deity that measures it's congregation by 'the bottom line'.Whose only mantra is 'Conquest and Control' for 'Profit and Plunder'.Your God is paper pictures of dead genocidal maniacs with numeric symbology.One that calls for the heads of every living thing so the 'chosen' laplickers can have their 'Earthly' reward now.Because for these folks heaven would royally suck.

Everybodies happy,you don't need money,there's no pollution,noone's scamming you so there's no reason to kill.In short it would be 'Christian Conservative' Hell.Maybe we could give them Hell-on-Earth here...now...today.

Maybe today we could not have bad thoughts for eachother,maybe we could do something because it's the right thing to do and not for the most profit.Perhaps if an industrial plant were made that was harmless to the environment we could hearld it as a true Legacy for future generations of our human family.Perhaps if we wake up to the notion that The Creation smiles on all of us equally,there will be no more misguided notions of superiority or necessary control.When our actions are expressed as kindness to all, harm to none,then we're where we should be.

We won't be 'conservative','libral','right', 'left', or even governmental.It would become unnecessary.We are the only ones who can change our world,by simply changing our minds.When we treat everyone like family,wish harm to no living thing,solve problems for the benifit of all,and take care of the Planet that gives us all life,we are living lives that are deep in spirit.

As for the Anti-Christ Christian Conservatives we can only say..."Forgive them,they know not their heads are in their ass".