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"Critical Management Studies" Papers Sought

"Critical Management Studies" Papers Sought

American Studies Association Conference

Washington, DC, November 3–6, 2005

Looking for one or possibly two more papers for the American Studies Association Conference, 2005:

Panel: "Critical Management Studies in American Studies"

Conference theme: "Groundwork: Space and Place in American Culture."

Please note that as the deadline is imminent, I need to confirm panelists no later than January 26th. This panel will critically explore the concept, "management." Until the
relatively recent emergence of the field of Critical Management Studies,
management has received little attention by scholars interested in
issues of power, authority, agency, and identity. A critical engagement
with management therefore signals important new work in American
studies. How has management — as a field, a community, and a set of
practices, theories, and heuristics — shaped notions of space and place
in the United States? How does management function as ideology,
aesthetics, politics, and as a conceptual lens in local, national, and
international contexts? How has management generated and proliferated
particular ways of seeing, imagining, and knowing, and with what
consequences for everyday life and social formations?
Please send your abstract (no more than 350 words please), contact
information, and a 1-page CV to gray0119@umn.edu. I will respond to
all submissions immediately upon receiving them. (The conference submission deadline is
January 28th).

David Gray

Department of American Studies, University of Minnesota