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Global General Strike, May Day 2012

Global General Strike, May Day 2012

Friday APRIL 27 – Tuesday MAY 1 , 2012

While the mayor brags about the NYPD being his own private army, working people's indignities multiply. At work, under constant surveillance, we struggle for a daily wage, simply to increase the profit margins for our bosses. Previously, the ruling classes had slaves and indentured servants, forcing labor relations through brute force. Today they still have us as slaves and servants through wage labor contracts and fraudulent notions of debt. As we have all seen, debt can be forgiven, in the trillions, to those who own society; but for the rest of us debt is inexcusable, and our lives, our time, our futures, are always negotiable.

May Day is known the world over as International Workers Day, a day commemorating violence by police and strike-breakers against workers engaged in a general strike to bring about the 8 hour work day. This struggle for the 8 hour work day was not the end goal for those who put their lives on the line in Chicago in 1886, but it was part of a broader aim of destroying the very means of our oppression— capital and the state. This war continues. So too the general strikes of 2012 will establish a decisive drive towards the materialization of a social force to be feared by bosses and politicians the world over.

It’s time to become this force - a social force capable of attacking our enemies when and where it hurts and sustaining and defending each other in this transformative global moment; a force able to fight and win, a force able to collectively end these indignities and give us the necessary leverage to overcome mediation and to determine our own futures.

This is a call for a 5 day weekend beginning Friday April 27th, culminating in global General Strike on Tuesday May 1st. We propose using this mobilization as a tool for realizing more global solidarity and mutual aid while creating and strengthening the necessary relations and conditions for revolutionary potential - here and now. We will strike, assemble, block and shut down the city!

We are New York City Anarchists, Anti-capitalists and Autonomists; we are joining the call for global revolution. In the coming weeks local groups and individuals, along with regional and global allies will help develop and facilitate a framework to organize, coordinate and propagate activities for a 5 day weekend. This will include local and regional organizing bodies, websites and information hubs, resource and skill sharing, and various actions, events, and outreach efforts in the lead up to the General Strike.

From the struggle that brought the 8 hour work day, to the people who want it all - everything for everyone