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2005 Anarchist People of Color Conference Set for Houston

APOC writes:
APOC 2005

Following up a successful 2003 Anarchist People of Color conference in Detroit, Michigan, the next Anarchist People of Color conference is being proposed for October in Houston, Texas.

Since the 2003 event, there have been APOC regional gatherings new collectives and many projects, and we're still going strong. Where are we as a unified movement? Come discuss Community Action, Theory, Internal Struggles, External Struggles, with the larger theme of "We are one, we are many, and we are a part of something bigger…"

Where: Houston, Texas
Dates: October 7-9, 2005
And stay to march against 500+ Years of Colonization on Monday, October 10th in Houston (Columbus Day)!

Houston is one of the Southwest's most diverse cities, with a majority Black and Latino population and robust Spanish-language media and resources. It also has a rich oppressed people's history, including the Camp Logan Rebellion (where Black soldiers clashed with police in 1917) and Moody Park Riot (the 1979 uprising in response to the murder of Jose Campos Torres).

Houston also has a plethoria of resources including people of color-run and funded community centers, housing, things-to-do, decent public transit/light rail, access to bicycles for use conference attendees, two international airports, culture and plenty of resistance.

We are also centrally located between both coasts for easier access from all points and hosting the conference in Houston would allow for more accessibility to those people from the South/Southwest, who were underrepresented or unable to make it to the 2003 Conference in Detroit.

It is imperative that we beginning planning now as a conference of this scope takes time and careful consideration as well as a lot of space for feedback and open organizing.

People of color represent a wide range of non-white people across the diaspora: Black, Brown, Yellow and Red. As with the 2003 conference, the 2005 event is only open to people of color. Those sympathetic to the conference are encouraged to offer political support, solidarity and deep and honest understanding while we hold this conference and build our movement. People of color who are already self-identified as Anarchist POC, members of Anarchist and anti-authoritarian organizations, young people interested in meeting APOC movement veterans, community activists interested in anti-authoritarian methods of organizing, and others in the communities of color who would like to know more about Anarchism and autonomous movements of color are encouraged to attend. People of color interested in what we have to say is welcome, whether they agree with us or not (although, obviously, wishing to disrupt the conference are not welcome).

Anarchism offers a dynamic ideology and methods of struggle against racism, poverty, police brutality, and other issues affecting peoples of color. We add ideals about building movements based on the masses of people rather than charismatic leaders, and building a new kind of radicalism recognizing that the political government is not our friend, nor is electoral activity a way to obtain our freedom. We will get our freedom and justice in the streets when we stand up and take back our communities from the white power structure. Finally, we present a new method of uniting all peoples of color against the common enemy, not just capitalism and the state, but white supremacy/European domination in all its forms.

Your conference fee will cover food, materials, and other expenses to put on the conference. If you do not have any money, but arrive at the door, no one will be turned away because they do not have resources to pay. We only ask that you honestly tell us your situation. At this point, there is a small amount for helping attendees defray costs, but it is limited; if you can donate to it, see below.

We expect to provide housing for attendees in Houston's communities of color. Housing will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Although organizers will do everything possible to provide housing for all attendees, pre-registration for the conference is necessary, and housing for those who don't pre-register is not promised.

This conference will be kid-friendly, we will be organizing childcare and you're welcome to take your little one along with you to sessions.

Facilities will be equipped for those with different needs. If you have particular needs that go above and beyond things like wheelchairs and visual aids, please note it in your comments on the registration form.

For conference materials, downloadable flyers, or anything else, visit http://www.illegalvoices.org/conference/. You can also visit the site to donate money. There is a list set up through the APOC site for us to organize on; to participate, just send your name, level of interest, commitment and what skills/committee you would like to contribute to, just write to conference@illegalvoices.org.

List of Committees and Descriptions:

*Conference Planning (scheduling, planning, content, workshop coordination, facilitator preparation, fundraising, communication/accountability to all committees with regular updates and progress report backs)

*Logistics (Houston, or host city will participate in this committee--space, housing, food,
equipment/resource scouting, local promotion and support, fundraising, communication/accountability to all committees with regular updates and progress report backs)

*Volunteer Coordination (cleanup, childcare, registration, etc., communication/accountability to all committees with regular updates and progress report backs)

*Security (patrolling premises, first-aid, timekeeping, communication/accountability to all committees with regular updates and progress report backs)

*Media/Promotion (flyer making/printing/distribution, participating in the creation of public service announcements and press releases, submitting contacts for people of color news sites/publications/radio shows, etc, regional outreach, communication/accountability to all committees with regular updates and progress report backs)

*City-wide and Regional Groups (promotion within your locale, fundraising for your group's travel expenses and conference fees, community outreach, travel
planning, child care and special needs assistance while traveling, etc. accountable to their communities and groupings as determined by needs and participants, also each city coordinator or group would be encouraged to provide an email address/contact info for people in that area to contact them who may not have access to that information otherwise.)

Conference Site: