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Little Black Cart Starts a Publishing Wing

Little Black Cart Starts a Publishing Wing
LBC Books

LBC Books is the new publishing arm of Little Black Cart distribution. We will be publishing at least one new book a month and will be helping a variety of other publishing groups with their material. We imagine a diverse and prolific publishing space of ideas, history, action, and polemics.

This announcement introduces the website and the first three books that we will be publishing.

Occupy Everything: Anarchists in the Occupation Movement 2009-2011 - The first LBC Books title will be a survey of anarchist involvement in the Occupation Movement. This is a book where anarchists, in their own words, express how and why they engaged in this struggle, what methods they used and evaluates the success of working in the mixed crowds that the Occupy Movement attracted.

Super Happy Anarcho Fun Pages - The snarkiest, meanest, kindest little comic zine around. This anthology should be every doodle and scribble done in the name of Super-Happy-Anarcho-Fun-Pages lifespan and will be sure to lighten your spirits even if the oogle doesn’t get off your couch, the red anarchists will not let you be totally free, man!, or the insurrectos smash all your windows.

This is a Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness joint!

Queer Ultraviolence: A Bash Back Anthology - This anthology takes a peek at the radical Queer tendency and/or (non)organization during the span from 2007 to 2011. It includes interviews, analysis, communiques, and other documents relating to Bash Back! and the tendency that it spawned.

This title will be released from Ardent Press publishers of anarchist and anti-political texts.