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Rebel Studies Library Opens in Belarus

Rebel Studies Library Opens in Belarus

Rebel Studies Library is the first alternative non-commercial volunteer-based antiauthoritan diy library in the belarussian cultural zone (founded 05.12.2011). We provide free and open, non-commercial public space for reading books (in english, russian, ukrainian, belarussian, german, polish languages), watching movies and discussions. You don't pay money for using books and watching movies. Right now, we have about 400 books of relevant to the contemporary world literature (Fiction, Cinema, Theatre, Religion, Philosophy, Psychology).

We don't charge money for borrowing books, but we have one rule - not more than two weeks.

If you don't return book during this time, you don't have permission to use library anymore.

Right now, we're open 3 times a week (monday, wednesday, friday) from 14:00 to 21:00. We're based in the Minsk, Belarus. We have show times every working day at 19:00 of different movies dedicated to the social problems.

You can help us giving a book (mostly radical stuff) or giving some money (more info below) or volunteering (come to the collective meeting every first and last monday of the month at 18:00).

Please, contact us by email rsl@riseup.net

Anyway, you're welcome to come!