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Statement re: Swedish Protester Shot by Police

grumpy writes: "There is a nice article on indymedia.org from Lisa Westberg, who is the sister of Hannes Westberg, the activist who was shot by police in Gothenburg at the anti-EU Summit demo two weeks ago.

"I am addressing you as a proud sister of Hannes Westberg, the young man shot by Swedish police
at a Reclaim the Streets activity during the EU summit in Goteborg, Sweden. Hannes is much better,
and I am so glad to connect through eyes and hand movements with his concerned, humorous spirit.

He seems to be on a good mood, confident that he is back to this life, but is still at the intensive care
unit and uses the respirator to breathe. One
kidney and the spleen are permanently destroyed and removed, but the healing properties of a
young body are great so everything shall be OK.

A bullet through a young activists body and soul, through the consciousness of a self righteouss
government, through the sweet dream of a secure society, and more - Sweden is abound with grief,
blame, shame, sorrow. And what are the lessons to learn?"