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Ralph Nader, Post Election Message

Post Election Message

Ralph Nader

First of all, thank you so very much to the thousands of volunteers, our
Corporate Crimebusters, State, Regional and Campus Coordinators, our valiant
staff here in Washington, DC, all of our generous donors and every one of
you who voted for Nader/Camejo 2004.

Well, it should now be clear to all: the Democratic Party cannot get the job
done against the worst Republicans in a long time. So much time and money
was spent by the Democrats, only to push a message that ultimately said,
"Don't vote for George W. Bush." It's a shame.

If losing to George W. Bush
isn't the breaking point for Democrats who have been fed up for years by the
leadership in their party, then I can't imagine the indignities that they
are further willing to endure.America isn't being allowed to get better; it is going backwards into the
future on many human indicators.

You probably have dozens of friends and family members who chided you for
supporting our campaign in the last several months. We know that their
stances against you went against the very things that they actually believe
in, when they urged you to "keep quiet and vote for John Kerry."

Now, it is your turn to make some friendly demands of them. We need you to
forward this email or make a call to each of your friends-with a message
from you saying, "Come back."

We must begin calling on everyone to come back into the principled and
substantive thinking that they departed for tactical reasons.
We have incurred debt that must be paid off before we can devote all of our
attention to putting a progressive agenda back on the table, including
ending the worsening war in Iraq.

We must recollect, we must reform, we must regroup with all of those who
believe in our message.
There is no reason that our progress forward — to give a voice to the concrete
Peace and Justice communities — should be slowed down by the corporatists who
drained our campaign to make us give up. They failed.

We need support from everyone who believes in our message for moving forward
with their issues.

Welcome everyone back to us, please contribute so we can all, together, take
on the corporate supremacists now hunkering down in the White House readying
their vile plans against innocent people.