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FBI Terror Task Force Raids "Hugs for Puppies" Headquarters in Philadelphia

FBI Terror Task Force Raids "Hugs for Puppies" Headquarters in Philadelphia

Animal Defense.info

According to activists from the Animal Defense League, at approximately 6 AM this morning a resisdence at 50-18
Ave, in Philladelphia, Pennslyvania was served a warrant and raided by sixteen
agents from The
FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force.

The warrant was signed by United States Magistrate Arlander Keys of the
District Justice of Illinois. The warrant was served by Special Agent Jeremy
Ashcroft of the Illinios Terrorism Task Force and was directed towards
SHAC-USA and a
prominent Philladelphia-area animal rights organization, "Hugs For
Puppies".After gaining entry to the home the agents seized:

2 computers

Dozens of disks/ software

Cell phones of the residents

various flyers

various books

spray paint (used by artists in the home)

1 sweat shirt


It is alarming that a warrent was served when there has been little direct
action in
the Chicago area in the past year and that FBI Terror Agents form the
District would try and draw a connection between Philadelphia activists
and Chicago
area actions. Even more alarming is the fact that Terror Agents would
serve a
warrant and raid the residence of reported members of a group called "Hugs
Puppies". Hugging puppies is most certainly the antithesis of terrorism.

If you can offer legal assistance, donate $$ to get these activists new
computers or
cell phones, or can help in any way please call Maryanne at 201-532-1993.