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Barrilee Bannister in Oregon

Frankie writes

I received a snailmail letter today from my friend Barrilee Bannister dated July 24th. Many of you know Barrilee from her work in Arizona. Barrilee was put into segregation (solitary confinement) last week because of alleged horseplay with a fellow inmate. She could be in "the hole" for as long as 120 days for an incident that, had it occurred in a girl's dormitory, would have been written off as young women roughhousing a little.

She asked me to let you all know that "we both have asked that the whole situation be put under investigation. Raquel [her friend, also accused] and I are both rallying up outside support to call the warden here at Coffee Creek Correctional Institution -- Superintendent Hoefil -- to request that he have someone investigate the incident to the fullest extent.
The phone number is 1-(503) 570-6400.

Barrilee adds that "the only time anyone listens to us inmates around here is when outside support calls in and makes inquiries. So, if you have a minute and want to help a really good prison activist get out of 'the hole' so that she can continue reading and writing and furthering her education, please make that call, ok?

Thanks. Frank Kross