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CAE Defense Arraignment Update and Schedule

Critical Art Ensemble Defense Arraignment Update

Indicted Pittsburgh geneticist Robert Ferrell was unable to attend his arraignment in Buffalo, New York this morning for health reasons. His lawyer, Efrem M. Grail,
appeared in his stead. The Ferrell arraignment will continue until the hospitalized Mr. Farrel can attend an indictment.

Nonetheless, the defense and prosecution for indicted Critical Arts Ensemble member Steve Kurtz are moving ahead with motions. The magistrate issued a scheduling order as follows:

October 15, 2004 — Filing date for all pre-trial motions
(Voluntary discovery will happen during this period, and two search warrants will be unsealed and provided to the defendant)

October 29, 2004 — Deadline for the government to respond to discovery

December 20, 2004 — Oral arguments on pre-trial evidentiary hearing begin at 10 AM

The dates for the Kurtz trial, likely to be sometime in Spring, 2005, will be set on October 18, 2004.