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2nd Annual "I LOVE NY?" Poetry Festival, July 17, 2004

Laurie Mimosa writes:

This would be a great event to cover — as a cultural demonstration against repression of free space in nyc.

2nd Annual "I LOVE NY?" Poetry Festival

Tompkins Square Park, July 17, 2004

"art is permitted everywhere" presents the second annual "I LOVE NY?" Poetry Festival — A festival of words celebrating New York City in one of the finest public places in New York. This is a time to support public speaking at a time of great unrest and suppression of public voice.

Date: Saturday July 17th, 2004

Place: Tompkins Square Park Lower East Side 9th Street and A Old Bandshell area

Time: 2–6pm

Cost: Free

Featured: Over fifty poets, musicians, bards, and bitter and elated New yorkers from around New York City who will gather to read and speak about New York City — those who have lived and loved and hated the city from days to decades. Featuring over fify New York Bards, Poets, Musicians including: magdelena alagna, urayoen noel, chi chi valenti, ryn gargulynski, bob hershon, jim feast, bronx buffallo poets, Danny Shot....

See www.artispermittedeverywhere.com for full listing and updates.

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